European cities are perfect for strolling, and are much better experienced on foot. Walking is easily our preferred way to explore Europe as we get to meander and explore sustainably and slowly, while taking in all the sites in a leisurely way. We love to explore the European markets and shops on foot and love to sit for a cappuccino whenever we need a break. We love being out in the fresh air and walking around the beautiful cobblestone streets. Another added benefit of exploring Europe on foot is the exercise we get while exploring the sights. We easily log 15K+ steps on these walks, which is why it is critical to bring shoes suitable for hours of walking in different types of weather.

But not all shoes are ideal for walking around Europe, which we have learned the hard way. We’ve made the mistake of thinking we can walk for hours in our cute sandals only to deeply regret it by the end of the day. Also, there are some great stylish sneakers so you no longer have to compromise fashion for function.

So let’s get into some of our top recommendations to ensure you stay comfortable (and fashionable) while on your travels throughout Europe….

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Good shoes are the secret to keeping bounce in your step

Here are some great women’s walking shoes for traveling in Europe. There is something here for everyone regardless of your style or budget.

Our Top Picks

  1. Adidas Women’s Ultra-boost 23 Sneaker (Comfortable and budget-friendly)

  2. Project Cloud Platform Slip-On Shoes (Comfortable and fashionable)

  3. Hoka One Women’s Sneaker (Sturdy, versatile and durable)

  4. Uin Women’s Walking Travel Shoes (Unique, Easy Slip-On, and Comfortable)

  5. Beneker Women’s Low Top Walking Shoes (Best sleek sneakers)

  6. Veja Women’s Campo Sneakers (Best leather sneakers)

  7. OLUKAI Women’s Leather Sneakers (Best for wide feet)

  8. Merrell Moab 3 (Best hiking hybrid)

  9. Ryka Women’s Devotion X Walking Shoe Sneaker (Best for stability)

  10. SeaVees Bodega Clog (Best for the rainy season)

  11. Somiliss Sneakers for Women Casual (Versatile and supportive)

  12. Easy Spirit Women’s Travelport Mule (Best for travel day)

  13. Women’s Slip on Loafers (Looks like a loafer but acts like a tennis shoe)

How Did We Determine The List?

Having comfortable shoes to wear on a European vacation can significantly enhance your experience and ensure you don’t have to deal with discomfort. You need to be prepared to walk on uneven ground, like cobblestones that line so many European cities and villages. Also, you need to be ready to climb and descend a few steps to use the Metro.

We’ve done extensive research and have a list of requirements for the perfect pair of travel shoes. We look for:

  • Enough support for extended days of walking and standing
  • Comfortable, not too hot
  • Fashionable!
  • Lightweight
  • Well-made

13 Best Women’s Walking Shoes For Traveling In Europe 

Best Women's Walking Shoes.png

We can tell you from experience that it’s challenging to find shoes that meet all these requirements. Super supportive shoes are often cumbersome and unattractive but the shoes on this list are exceptions!

1. Adidas Ultra-boost 23 Sneaker

This simple Adidas tennis shoe is basic and cost effective but has allowed me to walk thousands of miles without a single issue! I also like them because they can look a bit dressier if you get them in all black. You can pair them with sun dresses and skirts as well. I have used my initial pair for years and is often the only shoe I pack ( in addition to my flip-flops) when going on a short trip. They are extremely light weight and feel broken into the second you put them on. They are very comfortable and they have a 10% lower carbon footprint than many other tennis shoes which I love.

2. Project Cloud Platform Sneakers

We are obsessed with these shoes for so many reasons. First of all, they are incredibly comfortable and amazing for walking all over Europe. They look more like a dress shoe and can go with everything including shorts, dresses and jeans. They come in a variety of colors and the mesh fabric makes them great for the summer because they breathe and are easy to wear. Some styles have a bit of a platform which is super cute, but in no way does this make them difficult to walk in as the sole pretty much bends in half. I have a pair and my elderly mom also loves them, as they are easy for her to slip on and sturdy. Lastly, the company story and commitment to sustainability makes us continually come back to this brand. Created by a husband and wife, they are committed to eco-friendly materials. They have a ton of other great styles including cozy booties that my girls love to put on after a surf!

3. Hoka One Women’s Sneaker

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Hoka brand but if not, I highly suggest you invest in a pair of their shoes at some point. These shoes feel like space shoes and like no other tennis shoes I have ever worn. The brand uses advanced engineering that unquestionably makes a difference in terms of how comfortable and supportive the shoe is. The company puts a lot of resources into research and you can feel the difference. There are a variety of colors and styles and I absolutely love the way the shoe looks. The shoes tend to run on the pricier side, but they last and are of a much higher quality than many other shoe brands.

4. Uin Women’s Walking Travel Shoes

Again this is another company that if you are not familiar with I highly suggest trying a pair out. In the world of travel shoes these are in a class all by themselves. They have beautiful designs and patterns and are highly unique. The shoes were created by a couple looking for the perfect travel shoe and they nailed the design and fit. The shoes are shaped like a foot with a lot of room for toes and easy to slip on and pack. The designs were inspired by Spanish topography maps and now there are dozens of patterns to choose from. There is something for everyone and honestly, wearing these shoes just makes me happy!

5. Beneker Women’s Low Top Walking Shoes

This is a reliable and comfortable pair of slip-on shoes for outdoor activities and travel. In addition to providing all-day comfort, the cushioned insole and non-slip outsole work together to keep your feet steady and safe. This trendy shoe is a classic that will always be in vogue and looks great with dresses, skirts and shorts. They come in a variety of different colors and are a simple but sweet little shoe that is easy to slip on and great for walking around. We have them in pink which is super cute and goes with everything.

6. Veja Women’s Campo Sneakers

The immense popularity of Veja among Europeans is not surprising, given that it’s French . You can’t walk a block in most European towns without seeing a window full of this timeless brand. You also can’t help but notice the abundance of Veja shoes on everyone walking around Europe and for good reason. Veja offers several designs that are perfect for a European vacation and provide a little more sophisticated design than an American tennis shoe. Not only are they adorable, but they are also quite robust and sturdy. Be sure to break them in before setting off on a day of walking, but once you do they will fit your foot like a glove! The company also uses fair trade and many organic materials which we appreciate. My teenage daughters love the styles with the gum soles and wear them with dresses and jeans. We highly recommend!

7. OLUKAI Women’s Leather Sneakers

This is a classic and comfortable leather sneaker that lasts forever! Our favorite features are the ample arch support and spacious, wide-toe box. Their sturdy build includes high-quality leather uppers and a thick, cushioned sole and they are easy to keep clean. We also love how they fold down at the rear, making them easy to wear as a slip-on and go through airport security quickly. The detachable and washable footbed is available in four colors: white, black, tan, and dark brown, allowing you to find the perfect complement for your neutral-colored shoes.

8. Merrell Moab 3

We have been fans of Merrill for over ten years and they are a well-made brand that lasts forever. this particular shoe can be used for hiking as well and the one I take with us when we will be doing some hiking in addition to walking. With over 25 million pairs sold since its introduction 15 years ago, the Merrell Moab is among the most popular hiking shoes in the world for good reason. This is our top pick for a tennis and hiking shoe hybrid. Be sure to break them in before heading out for a day of exploring.

9. Ryka Women’s Devotion X Walking Shoe Sneaker

If you are looking for shoes to walk all day long on your European tour, try Ryka walking shoes. These are great for those who want more arch support since the inside is tight yet spacious and supportive without being excessively soft or mattress-like. For people with higher arches this is a great choice. The breathable fabric and thick sole will allow you to explore Copenhagen’s magical Tivoli Gardens or the Acropolis in Athens in the heat and without getting a single blister.

10. SeaVees Bodega clog

Depending on when are where in Europe you are traveling, you many need to consider a waterproof shoe. We highly recommend the SeaVees Bodega clog. Constructed with care using high-quality materials, this pair of women’s waterproof clogs has a comfortable knit upper and outsole crafted from natural matte rubber. It features the unique SeaVees legacy webbing pull tab in red, white, and blue, diligently utilizing an old-fashioned vulcanization technique. We are huge fans of this brand and recommend them if you need to pack something waterproof.

11. Somiliss Sneakers for Women Casual

These are probably the best fashion tennis shoe I’ve owned – ever!! The quality is outstanding, the fit is perfect, the material is soft and durable and the chunky sole gives you that support you’re looking for if you have to wear them for extended periods of time. These shoes are built so well and I love that they give me an extra two inches! They are super comfortable for walking long distances around Europe and I always receive so many compliments. I love the neutral colored design on white as it goes with everything.

12. Easy Spirit Women’s Travelport Mule

I love a good pair of mules as they are easy to slip on and good for day or night. They have a couple different styles including the nautical look which is cute for summers on the coast of Croatia or Italy. The Travelport maximizes comfort without sacrificing support and you can walk long distances with no problem. An orthotic-friendly, detachable sock liner and a shock-absorbing footbed with enhanced arch support make these easy-on, easy-off shoes even more comfortable.

13. Women’s Slip on Loafers

This is not technically a tennis shoe but it might as well be one! I know a lot of women who refuse to wear a tennis shoe unless they are at the gym but need support for walking around Europe. This loafer fits the bill as it looks like a dress shoe for those who won’t be caught dead in a tennis shoe. The shoe is easy to slip on, comes in a dozen colors and is sporty but can also be worn with dressier fashion. This is a great choice for a non-tennis shoe with that is great for doing a lot of walking in Europe.

More Tips on What Shoes to Pack for Europe

Tips on What Shoes to Pack for Europe

Do you know which shoes are better to avoid? Flat shoes. Unless you’re at a beach, you won’t see Europeans wearing flip-flops. You just need more support. Again, many of the streets in Europe are cobblestone, and flats and heels are brutal. So skip the stilettos unless you’re just going out to dinner. Also, only bring shoes you have worn at least once! Travelling with blisters is never enjoyable, and dealing with them can ruin your day.

Have a great trip!

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