8 Best Packing Cubes to Help you Stay Organized…

For the majority of the thirty years that we have been traveling the globe we never used packing cubes. However, packing cubes have burst on the scene in the travel space and now we can’t imagine ever traveling without them. Packing cubes make packing much easier, simpler and streamlines the entire traveling and packing process.

More and more people are prioritizing mobility, and convenience when they travel by simplifying what and how much they pack, and packing cubes help tremendously with both of these objectives.  

Additionally, travelers are choosing to not check bags while traveling in order avoid having their luggage lost, which can prove to be a significant inconvenience. Travelers prefer packing less allowing them to use only a carry-on so they can exit the airport quickly in order to by-pass baggage claim. However, being able to pack all your belongings in just a carry-on suitcase means needing to be efficient and strategic in your packing.  This is where packing cubes come in!

As world travelers and a family of five we have a strict no check baggage policy while traveling. We travel for weeks at a time with just one carry-on…and using packing cubes makes this entirely possible!

Once you invest in the right set of packing cubes they will last years and you will be so glad you started to use them for all your travels.

Not only do packing cubes allow you to pack lighter but they make organizing while packing so much easier and keep your belongs wrinkle free, clean, easy to access and orderly.

We have used many different brands of packing cubes over the years and set out to review the best ones.  We considered things like cost, weight, material, compression and padding.

So let’s get into it and find the perfect packing cubes for you and your next adventure!

Quick Summary 

Here is a summary of our top picks…

8 Best Packing Cubes That Will Save Space, Increase Mobility and Protect your Belongings…

Packing cubes not only create more space for you in your luggage allowing you to pack everything you need, but they also protect your items by helping to keep them clean, dry, organized and easy to access.

We have tested the quality of the construction as well as user friendliness of the following packing cubes over the years and have arrived at the following list of the best packing cubes on the market.

The following is a list with pros and cons so you can easily decide on the right packing cubes for you.

1. Peak Design Packing Cubes 

If you’re looking for eco-friendly and practical packing cubes, go no further than Peak Design.

Peak Design’s cubes are an excellent investment if you’re looking for high-quality and durable packing cubes.

Using a unique zip system patented with a disengaged tab makes accessing your belongings easy and quick. While other cubes offer three-quarter or half access, Peak design allows you to open the zipper all the way which is a nice feature.

Additionally no more mixing up your clean clothes with dirty clothes as the auto-adjusting divider lets you keep items seperate which is a great feature.

Additionally Peak Travel company makes a commitment to the environment by donating 1% to the planet. Furthermore, they honor a lifetime warranty for ALL their products, making it an  smart and wise investment.

What We Like…

  • Long-lasting and very durable

  • Easy to access zippers

  • Keeps clean and dirty clothes divided

  • Compression allows for optimal use of space

  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don’t Like…

  • Price is a higher than many other packing cubes (However, you get what you pay for in this case)

2. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes 

The Gonex Compression Packing Cube has made its place on our list because of how much room they save. We can say with confidence that these cubes are an excellent solution for storing and arranging clothes of varying sizes.

With their strong zippers and well-made stitching, these compression cubes make it easier to pack more items.

These compression packing cubes allow you to fit and organize a lot more than you normally would without using packing cubes.

The material is also great as they are water resistant and the mesh is a great feature especially if you are packing wet bathing suits or clothes.

What We Like…

  • Lightweight, strong

  • Useful handles

  • Great color selection

  • Super durable zipper and fabric

  • No harmful chemicals are used in the manufactuering

  • Commitment to sustainable practices

  • Good price

What We Don’t Like…

  • Other brands have more compression so you can fit more items

Osprey Packing Cubes…

3. Osprey Ultra Light Packing Cube Set 

Osprey is one of our favorite travel brands and we have used many of their products over the years with a lot of satisfaction. These packing cubes are no exception. The certified regenerated 40D ripstop nylon fabric is long-lasting and durable. This set with three sizes are perfect for trips when you just need a carry-on.

The quality of the workmanship is also outstanding. Technically they are not compression cubes but they still allow for many items to easily fit inside.

What We Like…

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Easy to access zippers

  • Keeps clean and dirty clothes divided

  • Great company

  • Easy to zip

  • Very lightweight

  • Thin, but durable

What We Don’t Like…

  • The somewhat slippery texture makes them a bit tricky to pull from your bag

  • Some other sets come with more cubes and sizes as opposed to just three as in this set

4. Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Packing Cubes 

These packing cubes are a perfect choice when you need a simple, lightweight solution.  We have used ours for years and they are indestructible and can take a lot of wear and tear. We love the mesh fabric as it works well when we are packing swimsuits and clothes that might still be damp.

They come in different colors and sizes and the curved zippers make them really easy to use.

What We Like…

  • Easy to see through

  • Lightweight and sturdy

  • Stretchable pouch

  • Affordable price range

  • Water resistant (this is great for bathing suits)

What We Don’t Like…

  • Honestly not much. These are a great product!

Eagle Packing Cubes

5. eBags Classic Packing Cube 

You will never want to travel without eBags Packing Cubes after using them. They not only make the most efficient use of space in your suitcase, but they also store all of your belongings and make packing so much easier. I love that they come in six different sizes making packing streamlined and super easy to store all different items. 

Plus, you’ll be glad you brought these packing cubes if you ever find yourself unexpectedly chosen for a TSA checkup as they are easy to differentiate and access what you need.

What We Like… 

  • Fits perfectly in luggage and hotel drawers

  • Quality build

  • Comfortable zipper pulls

  • Lightweight and strong seams

  • Pack of six makes it very easy to organize all your belongings

What We Don’t Like…

  • Seams have been known to rip if over-stuffed

6. Veken Packing Cubes 

The Veken 8 Set Packing Cubes for Suitcases are a great investment for travelers seeking organization and efficiency in packing. With their ample storage capacity, durable construction, and thoughtful features such as mesh panels and compression zippers, these cubes offer practical solutions for keeping belongings tidy and accessible during travel.

The set also includes a wash bag and a shoe bag which further helps with keeping items clean and organized. Our teenage daughter love these packing cubes so they can store all their different types of clothes ranging from sundresses, to shorts and toiletries.

What We Like…

  • Easy-pull, durable zippers

  • Mesh helps with air flow and ability to see items

  • Handles are sturdy

  • Fits perfectly in luggage

  • Easily Washable

  • Variety of sizes makes for optimal organization

What We Don’t Like…

  • Seams have been know to rip if over stuffed

7. YETI Crossroads Packing Cubes 

Yeti outdoor products are easily some of the best on the market. They are consistently the most well constructed and user friendly products out there.

Our Yeti Packing cubes take a serious beating and have never let us down. The zippers and seams are strong and well made and the packing cubes can be put to the test.

What We Like… 

  • Perfect to carry cords, charger, laptop, and phone

  • Extremely well made and durable

  • Lightweight and great zippers

What We Don’t Like…

  • Only three sizes availble

  • Few color choices

8. BHAHB Packing Cubes for Kids

We have been traveling the world with our kiddos since they were babies and we started to encourage them to pack early on. It is a great way to involve them in the travel process and teaches them valuable skills.

BHAHB kids packing cubes are amazing in helping them learn how and what to pack. Our kids love setting out all their belongings and then organizing their own bag before a trip. We love this brand as they are durable and come in super fun designs.

What We Like… 

  • Love the different designs

  • Encourages kids to learn how to pack, travel and stay organized

  • Easy for kids to find and sort their belongings while traveling

  • Well made

What We Don’t Like…

  • Not much! These are a great investment and make your job easier as a parent while travleing

BHAHB Packing Cubes for Kids…

Considerations when choosing packing cubes for your travels….

Choosing the right packing cubes for your travels depends on what type of travel you are doing. If you are going to be using them while on an outdoor adventure you might pay more attention to the material and construction.

On the other hand if you are going to be having more of an urban adventure with different types of clothes and fashion choices you might want to pick a set of packing cubes with more size options for easy access and organization.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when reviewing the best packing cubes for your travels…

1. Construction Quality and Weight

Pay attention to fabric, breathability, and zippers. Also some packing cubes are much lighter than others so notice the weight and specs when making your purchase.

2. Ergonomic Features 

Considerations like do the zippers open all the way, are there handles and how easy are they to pack and access are important considerations when deciding on the right packing cube for your travels. Some brands have mesh or see through panels making it easier to see what is inside.

3. Packing Cube Sizes and Number of Packing Cubes

Paying attention to the size of packing cubes is important. Are you going to be packing larger items or many smaller ones? Additionally having more packing cubes might be a better option for some travelers, while others are happy with one or two.

We highly suggest investing in packing cubes for the entire family. It saves not only time and money but improves your travel experience considerably.

Safe travels and can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

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