Europe is becoming a go-to vacation spot for an increasing number of Americans. The continent’s rich history, magnificent buildings, delicious food, and distinctive cultures drew close to 12 million American tourists in 2023. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Colosseum in Rome, there are endless destinations to explore.

But to start your trip off on the right foot, you need to choose the right airline. There are a lot to choose from, and some may be preferable to others based on your starting point and the comforts and services you’re looking for.  To help you pick the right one for your journey, we’ve put together a list of airlines that fly from the US to different destinations all over Europe, Also, given the recent safety concerns regarding the Boeing 737 MAX, we’ve noted which airlines have that plane in their fleet and have provided a link to their fleet page so you can see if it’s used on your proposed route.


The 10 Best Airlines to Fly to Europe from the USA

  1. Lufthansa (Best for Transatlantic Journeys)

  2. Norwegian Air (Best for Value, Ease, and Comfort)

  3. Condor (Best for Affordable Travel to Europe)

  4. Air France (Best for Luxury and Elegance)

  5. KLM (Best for Environmental Commitment)

  6. British Airways (Best for Extensive Route Network)

  7. Swiss International Air Lines (Best for Comfort and Luxury)

  8. Turkish Airlines (Best for Dependability and Safety)

  9. Qatar Airways (Best for Luxurious Cabin Décor)

  10. Aer Lingus (Best for Welcoming Service)


1. Lufthansa


Lufthansa, which is based in Germany, is widely regarded as the best airline for transatlantic journeys. The quality of service is very high with a comfortable interior, great food, and good onboard entertainment. Lufthansa’s extensive route network is one of the reasons why it stands apart from other airlines. It serves core hubs like Munich, London, and Rome, as well as more obscure locations as Reykjavik and Dubrovnik. For travelers looking to bounce around between several European countries throughout their vacation, this is an excellent choice.

Lufthansa is often considered a higher-priced airline, and it’s true its prices are often a little higher than some of its competitors. However, if you’re ready to do some digging, you can usually find a good deal. And for us the superior service and amenities on board usually make up for the added expense. On a side note, if you need to fly with a large animal to Europe from the United States we highly recommend Lufthansa. We needed to get our large dog from California to Spain last year, and after a lot of research determined Lufthansa was fantastic for transporting large animals. We were very happy with how things went and they took great care of our pup! Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Lufthansa DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly

  • Munich

  • London

  • Rome

  • Reykjavik

  • Dubrovnik, and many more cities across Europe.


2. Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is among the leading European airlines because of the great value for money, ease, and comfort it provides to its customers. This modern airline is famous for its innovative planes and the cutting-edge technology it features. It’s never been easier to reserve a seat, check-in, or watch a movie during your travels and the website and check-in procedures are very easy to navigate. Free Wi-Fi is offered on most flights, and passengers and they have a large library of movies, TV shows, and music to stream on your device. As a result of its extensive route network, low rates, and high-quality services, Norwegian Air has quickly become one of Europe’s most popular airlines. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Norwegian DOES fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly

  • London

  • Copenhagen

  • Berlin

  • Rome

  • Gdansk

  • Oslo

  • Stockholm, and many more destinations.


3. Condor


If you’re looking for a lesser-known airline with a lower price point for your trip to Europe, Condor is a great choice. With their distinctively painted planes, Condor is making waves in the US market as well and operates direct flights to Germany from twelve major U.S. airports, including New York JFK, Boston Logan, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Seattle. Condor operates flights from Frankfurt to about 90 destinations in Europe, Africa, and North America.

Condor may be the best-kept secret in North America, but it also has some very comfortable and nice business-class seats that won’t break the bank. Economy one-way tickets during the shoulder seasons start at $240, and business-class flights start at $1,200. The Airbus A330 neo jets that Condor is introducing to its fleet are some of the newest and most fuel-efficient in the industry. This is now one of the least expensive options for traveling to Europe so be sure to check out their fares.

Condor DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX

Places They Fly

  • Madeira

  • Skiathos

  • Fuerteventura

  • Rijeka,

  • Tiflis

  • Tenerife

  • Lanzarote, and many more underrated gems.

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4. Air France 

Air France

If you’re looking for highly dependable transatlantic service, book with Air France. It’s also well-known for its convenient flights, friendly (even though they’re French) staff, and their extensive route network. It also has amazing food. Air France differentiates itself from the rest with its focus on luxury. Comfortable seats, gourmet French cuisine, and premium cabins can make a huge difference during long flights and can be worth paying extra for to start your trip off right. Air France also has an excellent flight network. They cover a wide variety of destinations, from well-known cities like Amsterdam, London, and Paris to lesser-known gems such as Marseille, Nice, and Lyon.  When compared to other airlines, Air France is known for having relatively high fares. Although their pricing may seem high in comparison to other airlines, keep in mind that you are getting high-quality service for your money. It does feel like you get what you pay for when flying Air France. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Air France DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX

Places They Fly

  • Amsterdam

  • London

  • Paris

  • Marseille

  • Nice

  • Lyon, and many more cities all over Europe.


5. KLM


KLM, or Royal Dutch Airlines, is one of Europe’s longest-serving and most prestigious air carriers. KLM’s dedication to environmental protection is one of the company’s most distinctive features. By 2050, the airline plans to attain zero net CO2 emissions which is extremely impressive. Consequently, it has been purchasing more fuel-efficient planes and cutting down on waste on board. Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, and Moscow are primary hubs. In addition to European routes, they fly to key cities across Asia, Africa, and the Americas. KLM is also considered to be more expensive than some of the other low-cost airlines, but the higher price does come with better service, comfort, and convenience. It also feel great to support a company with a great commitment to the environment. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

KLM DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly 

  • Amsterdam

  • Paris

  • Madrid

  • Moscow, along with an array of key European cities.


6. British Airways

British Airways

When flying to Europe from the United States, British Airways is among the best options. One element that sets British Airways apart from its competitors is its massive route network. London, Paris, and Edinburgh are key hubs. British Airways is competitively priced when compared to other major airlines. A round-trip economy ticket from the United States to Europe will typically cost you between $700 and $900 depending on the time of year. Do keep an eye on conditions in London, the airport has had some operational challenges recently. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

British Airways DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly 

  • London, Paris

  • Edinburgh

  • Ibiza, Amsterdam

  • Venice

  • Geneva, and many more.


7. Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines

When traveling to Europe, Swiss Airlines is a great option.. The airline operates as smoothly as the country itself, with one of the highest on-time departure records in the industry. However, what truly separates it is the customer service and their attention to details. Last year when we flew to Zurich as a family we were very impressed with the service and amenities. Their fleet services to over a hundred cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Because of their extensive network of hubs in major European cities like Zurich, Geneva, and London, they make traveling throughout the continent a breeze. The airline’s primary hub is located at Zurich Airport, which is one of the most efficient and well-connected airports in Europe. Swiss does have somewhat pricey transatlantic ticket prices but every time we fly with them we remark at how smooth the experience is. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Swiss Airline DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly 

  • Zurich, Geneva

  • Frankfurt

  • Berlin

  • Ibiza

  • Madrid

  • Barcelona

  • Florence

  • Venice

  • Bordeaux

  • Malaga, and many more amazing destinations


8. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is well-known for its dependability and safety, but also has great customer service and a well-functioning website. The airline flies to over 300 destinations in 120 different countries, including extensive European coverage. This means you can book a flight with Turkish Airlines to any major European capital. When it comes to cost, Turkish Airlines is generally considered to provide good value for money. If you book enough in advance, you can find great deals. . We have found some of the lowest fares when booking in advance with Turkish Airlines. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Turkish Airline DOES fly the Boeing 737 Max

Places They Fly

  • Istanbul

  • London

  • Athens

  • Paris

  • Milan

  • Moscow

  • Munich

  • Lisbon, and over 300 destinations in 120 different countries all over the world.


9. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways may not be on your radar but it is one of the most reputable international air carriers to Europe and definitely one you should consider. It has luxurious cabin décor, excellent in-flight meals, and outstanding customer service. The average age of Qatar Airways’ fleet is under 5 years, making it the youngest of any airline in the world. This means that you can expect to fly on some of the newest and most advanced planes in the sky. Qatar Airways serves more than 40 different European cities. They even have flights that go destinations off the beaten path like Krakow in Poland and Belgrade in Serbia. Although Qatar Airways’ fares are more expensive than those of most European airlines, the service can be worth the additional cost. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Qatar Airline DOES fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly 

Over 40 different European cities including

  • Vienna

  • Brussels

  • Sofia

  • Zagreb

  • Prague,

  • Copenhagen

  • Athens

  • Belgrade.


10. Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

If you’re looking to fly to Europe from the United States, Aer Lingus is a great option. Because of its welcoming service, spacious cabins, and extensive entertainment options, flights on this airline consistently receive great reviews from passengers. Dublin, London, and Rome are just a few of the many major European cities that Aer Lingus serves.  Aer Lingus’ “AerSpace” seating choice gives passengers greater space and priority boarding. The airline also provides a more luxurious business-class service, with lie-flat chairs, gourmet meals, and access to private lounges. My husband, who is particularly tall, really appreciates the extra leg room that you have even in the economy seats. If you book early or take advantage of off-peak travel times, Aer Lingus can help you save money on your ticket. Check out recent fares and schedules here.

Aer Lingus DOES NOT fly the Boeing 737 MAX.

Places They Fly

  • Manchester

  • Dublin

  • Rome

  • Glasgow

  • Amsterdam

  • Bordeaux

  • London, and many more exciting European destinations.

Final Words

When arranging a trip, deciding on an airline can often add unnecessary stress about which to choose. We’ve made this list to help you get your vacation started off right. As full time travelers we have had excellent experiences on all of the above airlines. Keep in mind that flights to Europe tend to sell out quickly around holidays and summer vacation times, so planning ahead will help you get the flight schedule and seats you want for your trip. And if there is anyway to fly when it is not peak season in Europe we highly recommend it. Not only will you save on airfare and hotel stays but you will not encounter crowds throughout many of the popular European cities.

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We can’t wait to hear about your travels and happy flying!

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