Travel Trends Mexico in 2024

We have spent years traveling throughout Mexico, first as solo travelers, then as a couple and eventually with our three kids. Because of the proximity to California, our home state, we were lucky enough to live in a variety of locations throughout Mexico for months at a time, and travel countless times throughout this incredible country.  It is easily one of our favorite locations on the planet.  

Mexico is a country that we regularly encourage people to not only travel through, but to consider moving to as well.  With it´s low cost of living, beautiful culture, affordable homes and relatively easy to acquire visas it tops our list as an ideal location for expats.  

Furthermore, one of the best things about Mexico is the diversity of the culture as well as the natural beauty.  It is full of rich traditional culture and some of the best food in the world. It has spectacular natural beauty ranging from pristine beaches to quaint mountain villages and some of the kindest locals we have ever had the fortune of meeting.

Mexico has an exceptional tapestry of culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities, and has long been a magnet for travelers seeking sun, adventure, and authentic experiences.  

As we step into 2024, we want to help people experience the very best of Mexico so we have put together some of the  top tips for making your trip to this dynamic and diverse destination incredible.

Take a look at some of the top trends for traveling to Mexico in 2024.

Sustainable Tourism is a Priority

Considering the environment and respecting the traditional local culture tops our list in terms of travel trends in Mexico for 2024.  In an era of heightened environmental awareness, sustainable tourism practices have become more important than ever.

Mexico tourism is embracing this trend enthusiastically, with eco-conscious travelers flocking to destinations like Tulum and Isla Holbox, where efforts to preserve biodiversity and protect fragile ecosystems are at the forefront.

With eco-lodges nestled in lush jungles to community-led conservation projects, travelers are increasingly seeking experiences that tread lightly on the planet while leaving a positive impact on local communities. 

Furthermore there are more and more travel operators offering experiences that are rooted in sustainable practices that not only preserve the natural environment, but give back to the local community. 

With ecological diversity ranked among the highest of countries in the world , with rocky desert terrain to dense and wet rainforests, Mexico has become a hot spot for eco tourism.   There are a number of organizations and alliances that are dedicated to supporting ecotourism opportunities.  

Here are a few of our favorite Eco Resorts in Mexico.  These resorts maintain high sustainability commitments while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful natural beauty that makes up Mexico.  

Playa Viva

Located on the pristine shores of Guerrero, Mexico, Playa Viva is an unassuming and magical eco-retreat situated between the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and lush tropical jungle. This hotel is one of our favorite destinations in Mexico.  It has something for everyone and you can enjoy the rugged and stunning natural beauty of Mexico in a location that respects the environment, and is dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices.  Almost every room has an ocean view and you can volunteer at a turtle sanctuary, take a yoga class on the beach or partake in one of the many workshops offered.  We highly recommend a stay here!

Hotel El Ganzo – San Jose del Cabo 

Hotel El Ganzo is a beautiful hotel located in San Jose del Cabo and one of the most eco-friendly in the entire country.  The hotel works to reduce waste, conserve and make practices around food and resources more sustainable.  It is also one of the first in the country to be certifies as a B corporation.  B Corporations are companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, public transparency and legal responsibility in order to ensure balance of profits and practices.

The property does not allow plastic, the pool is heated by the sun and the food waste is composted.  The hotel also has a commitment to the community by supporting and encouraging guests to support local vendors and businesses.   

The resort also feels very luxurious with many amenities even though they make significant efforts to remain sustainable and reduce waste.  There is in room-dining, a full spa, and a beautiful rooftop pool.  It is a great example of how eco-friendly and environmentally conscious business practices can also be luxurious and feel good at the same time!

Nattivo EcoGlamping

This is a more cost effective sustainable option for lodging in Mexico, but also happens to be our favorite.  We are suckers for a good glamping destination and Nattivo EcoGlamping does not disappoint.  It is a glamping destination located just a few meters from the sea in Oaxaca, Mexico and surrounded by nature.  They have teepee type cabins that are so fun to stay in and a really great laid back community vibe.  You usually end up meeting other travelers and it is a great way to connect and have fun with other travelers from all over the world.  

The company makes a point of respecting the environment by keeping things simple, minimalistic and using sustainable practices.  There are surfing lessons, bioluminescent ocean tours and a relaxed and peaceful vibe.  We always meet the best people at Nattivo, both local and other travelers from around the world and we can’t recommend this spot enough for sustainable lodging in Mexico.  

Rise of Digital Nomad Hotspots

Another major trend in travel trends throughout Mexico is the rise of Digital Nomad hotspots. A digital nomad is someone who is not location dependent for work, and the numbers of these workers is on the rise all over the world.  Mexico is a hotspot for these types of workers and there are popular locations of digital nomads popping up all over the country.

The remote work revolution has transformed the way we view travel, giving rise to a new breed of digital nomads who crave flexibility and freedom. Mexico, with its affordable cost of living, reliable internet connectivity, and abundance of coworking spaces, has emerged as a top destination for remote workers seeking a perfect blend of productivity and paradise. Destinations like Mexico City and Playa del Carmen are witnessing an influx of digital nomads who are craving sunshine, culture, and a thriving expat community.

These nomad hotspots are seeing alternative housing options popping up in the way of co-living houses. Coliving spaces are designed with the mobile digital nomad in mind. Think of them as sort of a mix of a hostel, coworking space, and Airbnb all in one. They have communal spaces, get wi-fi, kitchens and meeting rooms. We started traveling as digital nomads thirty years ago and wish that we had these co-living options available then as they are so convenient and cost friendly. 

Co-living spaces for digital nomads are one of our favorite ways to recommend people travel and work because of the built in community and cost savings.  You get to be around other digital nomad which allows for built in travel buddies, as well as an opportunity to collaborate and network.  On more than one occasion I have seen digital nomads in these co-living arrangements form business partnerships or work together on projects.

Here are a few great co-living destinations for Digital Nomads in Mexico…

Outsite-Mexico City-Colonia San Miguel

Outsite is a digital nomad co-living company that has locations throughout the world.  Through a membership you can stay in their amazing locations all over the globe.  They have a location in Mexico City that is centrally located and a great option.  My favorite part is that this space is located in the San Miguel Chapultepec area which is actually a local neighborhood and close to park Bosque de Chapultepec.  It gives an authentic experience of life in Mexico and there are a lot of great options for eating and shopping.  

Anana Coliving

Anana Colliding Is a wonderful co-living space in Playa del Carmen.  This location is one of the most popular in the world for digital nomads, so you are destined to meet dozens of other people who are leading the same lifestyle.  

Anana colving is designed for digital nomads and has simple accommodations, great wi-fi and they offer activities twice a week for digital nomads to interact and connect.  You are close to the beach and there are a lot of inexpensive taco truck options and markets.  

Outsite-Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a popular place for travelers and digital nomads as well.  There are a few times of the year that make it a bit more crowded, but we personally love it in the winter.  As nature enthusiasts and surfers it is a perfect location for us.  We recommend this co-living arrangement for many digital nomads as it is centrally located, but also feels like you are surrounded by nature.  The co-living space has a large kitchen and the house is decorated with art and murals from local artists.   It is close to nature, has a great coffee shop on the ground floor and the decor is a fun desert chic.

This coastal home is lined with plants and places to hang out in Baja’s year-round sunshine. Rooms here are decorated with work from local artists, and the exterior of the building has been painted with work from Mexican muralist Alonso Delgadillo. There is a lot of interacting and engaging with the large cooking space, coffee shop and frequent cocktail hours.

Culinary Experiences 

Mexican cuisine, with its incredible flavors and rich culinary heritage, has always been a major draw for food enthusiasts and foodies all over the world. However, in 2024, we are witnessing a culinary renaissance that goes beyond traditional tacos and tamales and people from all over the world are flocking to Mexico to experience the remarkable food scene.

We have to admit that Mexican food tops our list in terms of the best food in the world. We have lived and traveled all over the globe, but Mexican cuisine is still some of the best food and flavors we have ever experienced.  Regardless if you are having a cheap burrito from the taco truck on the street or having a fine dining experience in one of the up and coming restaurants in Mexico you will never be disappointed by the taste and flavor. 

Experiencing and partaking in the culinary scene in Mexico is one of the top travel trends in 2024 if you are heading to Mexico.  From innovative fine dining experiences that showcase Mexico’s regional flavors to immersive cooking classes led by local chefs, travelers are eager to explore the diverse tapestry of Mexican gastronomy. Street food tours, mezcal tastings, and farm-to-table experiences are all on the menu for those hungry for authentic culinary adventures.

We highly encourage you to try some of the remarkable culinary experiences the country has to offer.  It not only allows you to experience the cuisine but gives you a cultural and historical vantage of this very special and vibrant culture. 

Some of our favorite culinary experiences in Mexico for 2024 are…

Tequila tasting at Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal

This is an authentic tequila tasting in Mexico City that is a lot of fun! Located in the heart of the city’s historic central square, this museum brings the history of tequila and mezcal to life with an immersive, informative experience. It offers a very authentic experience and we learned a lot about the art and science of tequila.

The Tour-At the museum, you’ll embark on a guided tour that takes you on a journey through the history of agave-based spirits. The tour includes demonstrations of the traditional methods used to make tequila and mezcal. You’ll learn about the process from harvest to bottle, making this an educational and entertaining experience. It’s impressive what goes into the process from start to finish.

Tasting Session-After the tour, you’ll get to participate in a tasting session. Here, you’ll sample a variety of tequila and mezcal, appreciating the distinct flavors and aromas. Comparing them side by side really makes a difference in tasting the subtle differences and similarities. The knowledgeable guides will walk you through each tasting, helping you to understand the subtle nuances that differentiate each type of spirit.


  • The Rooftop Bar: End your museum visit at the rooftop bar with a stunning view of the city’s skyline. You can take in the scenery from the rooftop bar.

  • The Gift Shop: Don’t forget to visit the gift shop. Here, you can purchase your favorite tequila or mezcal as well as a verity of other great souvenirs that represent Mexico and it’s spectacular culture. t

This tour is so much fun and provides a lot of education and entertainment. It is one stop you wan to add and offers a comprehensive tequila tasting experience that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re a real tequila aficionado or just curious about the process, this is one stop you will really enjoy.

Monte Cardon Slow Food Farm to Table Culinary Experience

Monte Cardon is a truly remarkable culinary destination that offers an world-class farm-to-table dining experience, with cooking classes inspired but the slow food and farm to table ethos in a remarkable setting overlooking a stunning part of Mexico.

At Monte Cardon, they embrace the “slow-food” ethos, curating a delectable Baja-Mediterranean culinary adventure, highlighting the flavors of the region and Mexican heritage with a focus on local, seasonal, and organic produce.

Set atop a hill in the tranquil desert landscape, just 20 minutes outside San Jose del Cabo’s main square, Monte Cardon proudly sits on a distinctive 20-acre hilltop estate with a beautiful rustic-elegant design and impressive panoramic view of the Baja desert, the Sea of Cortez, and the stunning mountains as a backdrop.

This is an experience that allows you to really experience the unique tastes and beauty of Mexico.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Exploration

As travelers seek to escape the crowds and discover hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path destinations are gaining traction. If you have been following our blog for a while you will know that we are huge fans of getting off the beaten path, letting yourself get lost and avoiding crowds. We always encourage travelers to explore during non peak seasons, as well as getting away from the most touristed locations and attractions.

While iconic hotspots like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas continue to attract visitors, lesser-known regions such as Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte and the colonial towns of the Bajio are some of our favorites with their untamed beauty and rich cultural heritage. These smaller Mexican towns are charming and you get a much more authentic experience and vantage of authentic Mexican culture. Whether hiking through remote wilderness areas, exploring ancient ruins, or immersing oneself in indigenous communities, the allure of off-the-beaten-path exploration in Mexico is stronger than ever and something we encourage you to do.

Ways to get off the beaten path…

Avoiding the larger more populated cities and tourist destinations

Try Slow Travel

Get Lost and Meander

Stay at a Local Home Share

Talk to locals

Use public transportation

Travel during shoulder seasons

Wellness and Mindfulness Retreats

In a world where wellness is synonymous with health, Mexico’s wellness and mindfulness retreats offer a sanctuary for travelers seeking rejuvenation and renewal. From beachfront yoga retreats in Riviera Maya to holistic healing centers nestled in the mountains of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico’s diverse landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for wellness seekers to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with themselves.

Wellness and mindfulness retreats transform the traditional consumer oriented travel into an experienced based adventure where you not only get to see the world, but restore some physical and psychological balance. Mexico has a particularly unique and special environment for just these types of retreats at every price point. There are sound baths, meditation workshops, and wellness therapies rooted in indigenous traditions throughout the country.

Here are a few of our favorite wellness experiences In Mexico…

Breathwork Tulum

Breathwork Tulum offers an incredible experience to do breath work in a setting surrounded by nature an a philosophy of reclaiming and reconnecting to oneself. Breathwork has the power to transform your health nd well-being and this center takes you on a transformative journey.

You can go by yourself or schedule a group with family and friends. It takes you out of the often hustle and bustle of consumer oriented travel and encourages you to slow down and breathe.


Azulik in Tulum offers a comprehensive and immersive experience in nature blending eco-spiritual experiences with adventure and stunning beauty.

They offer a variety of experiences including cacao ceremonies led by a shaman, paddleboardingthorugh crystal clear lagoons and ancestral ceremonies that encourage you to connect to yourself and the natal world.

A stay here really is a transformative and holistic examination of your wellness and a unforgettable nature immersion that delve deep into the Mayan culture, blending eco-spiritual experiences with adventure and breathtaking beauty.

Azulik really can serve as a total reset to your life and well-being.

In conclusion…

Mexico’s travel landscape is evolving, reflecting broader societal shifts towards sustainability, digital nomadism, and experiential travel. Whether you’re a nature lover, a foodie, a culture vulture, or a seeker of serenity, Mexico offers a kaleidoscope of experiences to suit every traveler’s palate. So pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let Mexico weave its magic on your soul.

Viva México! 🇲🇽

Here are a few of our must haves when traveling to Mexico…

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