The island of Mallorca is extremely romantic. The turquoise water, Mediterranean breeze, majestic mountains, and old-world charm of the historic architecture naturally allow for a dreamy European island experience with your partner.

After spending considerable time on the island and coming to understand its seasons and cycles, we prefer to get off the beaten path and explore when there are fewer people visiting. If you are able to travel to Mallorca during the off-season (avoid June, July, and August), it will allow for a slower pace and a more tranquil and serene experience.

There is no shortage of amorous and idyllic activities to enjoy throughout Mallorca, each allowing for a different type of experience. We are big fans of adventure and activity, but we also love taking part in the soothing and relaxing vibe that Spain is known for.

We have compiled several activities and experiences we love that range in price, location, and activity level for you to enjoy.

Mallorca for Couples


The very best way to appreciate the layout and splendor of Mallorca is from the water! And it doesn’t get more romantic than a chartered sailboat for two.

There are a variety of sailboat charter companies that offer wonderful experiences. You can choose a daytime trip in the sun or schedule a sunset cruise for even more spectacular views and ambiance. Once you board the sailboat, you will head out into the aquamarine water and be blown away by the beauty and views of the island’s coastline. While on the boat, you can cool off in the water, snorkel to see schools of fish, or simply sit back and lounge on the deck. Most sailboat charters allow you to choose between simple tapas and wine or a multi-course dinner with appetizers and dessert prepared on the boat.

Seeing Mallorca from the water really is our favorite way to experience the impressive nature and landscape of the island, and this date is truly something you will remember for a lifetime!


There are dozens of stunning walks to enjoy while walking hand-in-hand around the island. One of our favorite places for a lovely hike is from the picturesque town of Sant Elm to Port Andratx, located in the western part of the island. The path meanders along the coast and up into the hills, and there are dozens of places to stop and sit while enjoying breathtaking views. You can even pack a blanket and have a small picnic while enjoying the views of Dragon Island. The journey takes roughly two hours and is a special way to take in gorgeous scenery, while spending relaxing time with your partner.

If a two-hour walk feels like more than you are up for, simply meander down the path for a morning walk and return for brunch at one of the charming restaurants along the water back in town. Cala Conills Restaurant in Sant Elm has a delicious menu offering fresh food with a picture-perfect ocean view.



If you are up for something a bit more decadent, then a spa experience at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel and Spa is absolutely worth a little extra. The spa offers a hilltop sanctuary with panoramic views of Sollér in an intimate and relaxing environment.

Begin your experience with a luxurious spa treatment, followed by lounging in the sun and hydropool. There is a gym and yoga classes set beneath the Tramuntana mountains with delicious fresh food served at their world class restaurant.

While this kind of spa experience can feel indulgent, unwinding and slowing down as a couple is so important. In a busy, often overstimulated world, sharing this level of relaxation is often hard to come by, but well worth the time, effort, and expense.


A romantic experience in Mallorca must certainly include the beach, and there are so many to choose from on the island. If you can visit in the off-season, you might very well have the entire beach to yourself! Cala Formentor is one of the loveliest beaches on the island. The water is crystal clear and warm, featuring stunning views of the mountains. It is a long, narrow beach made up of soft white sand that is great for a stroll.

You can find a secluded spot to sit for the better part of the day while cooling off in the clear blue water. Make sure to bring snacks and an umbrella to allow for optimal relaxation. If you feel like it, you can take a walk to the nearby Hotel Formentor, one of the first luxury resorts on the island, and sit and enjoy a delicious cocktail.



After almost thirty years of travel, I still believe the best adventures are the ones that unfold without too much planning.  One of our favorite things to do as a couple is hop on a scooter (a common mode of transportation on the island!) and head off to explore beautiful Mallorca with no specific destination in mind.

Once you get away from busier towns and streets, there are networks of winding, slow roads passing through quaint Spanish villages. You can stop along the way to appreciate the historic fincas, rows of almond and citrus trees, and historic architecture.

Last time we headed out spontaneously, we ended up in the charming town of Calviá Pueblo, set up on a hill with a beautiful cathedral and ocean views in the distance. The quaint town is full of old-world architecture, cobblestone streets, and loads of Spanish charm.

Getting lost and having an unplanned day is one of the most romantic and lovely things to do!

Mallorca is Magical…

The island of Mallorca has a distinct feel and essence that is different from any other place we have traveled. The pace, natural beauty, history, and overall energy of the island allow for a special backdrop to enjoy with your partner. There is no question you will experience a meaningful, memorable, and magical experience on Mallorca!

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