Expat Stories…

One of the most useful ways to get helpful information and support about moving abroad is by listening and learning from other expats and their experiences of moving to a new country.

So we have compiled interviews from expats all over the world who have made the bold decision to move abroad.  

We hope that by listening to their personal stories you will find inspiration and tips and tricks about how you too can make the move abroad.  

So before you know it you will be living your dream life abroad!


1. Brief Description of Self…

My name is Kerry and I am a 14 year old girl heading into 8th grade.  I like to surf, horseback ride and travel. 

2. Where did you move to and from

 I moved from California to Spain. 

3. Who moved with you…

My whole family moved with me. Including my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother and myself.

4. Why did you decide to move abroad?…

 As a family, we collectively decided to move abroad. We were seeking new culture, language and experiences. The decision itself was quite clear when we traveled to Europe for the first time all together. The food, people, architecture and culture was extremely captivating and intriguing. So as a whole, we knew that is where we wanted to be.




5. How did you go about deciding what country you wanted to move to?…

We chose Spain for many reasons. One being the language, we always wanted to speak Spanish as a family, it is also one of the easier languages to pick up quickly.

In addition to the language, the natural beauty of Spain is so diverse.

Also, on my moms side of the family, we had Spanish history and lineage.  This made the move very personal and intentional.  

6. What did you do before you moved that helped you prepare for the move abroad?…

 Leaving our beautiful home in California was not easy. Leaving behind my friends, school and community came with its challenges. I made time to say goodbye to my friends, and visited all my favorite places.

I knew that my town would always be there for me to come back to, this gave me a huge sense of comfort. While moving to another country was difficult, I knew I would grow immensely from this experience. 

7. What was the most challenging part of leaving and moving?…

 The most challenging part of leaving my home was also leaving the memories that came with it. Most of my life was spent in California and with those years came thousands of amazing memories. I was raised in a beautiful and nurturing community and leaving that behind took a lot of courage.

8. What actions or choices made settling into your new country easier?….

Getting active! The most important thing for me when arriving in Spain was getting out of my comfort zone. I participated in sports, music lessons, after school activities and more. I tried to meet as many people as I could even if it meant stretching myself.  This was a crucial step for me to get more comfortable with the new environment. 


9. What has been the best part of moving abroad?…

 There are countless benefits that moving abroad has given me. The one that stands out the most is meeting new interesting people from around the world. I have met people from dozens of countries and it has been the most amazing learning experience for me.

10. What has been the most challenging part of moving abroad?

The language barrier can be difficult. However, everyday I learn new words and it becomes very rewarding to have a long conversation with someone in a new language.

11. What do you wish you would have known before you left or what would you have done differently ?…

 I believe as a family we did everything to make the move smooth and as easy as possible. So I do not think I personally would have done anything different. However, I wish I would have known about the nude beaches. That was for sure a big culture shock for me! 🙂

12. What person, website, resource or app was helpful when relocating abroad?…

Instagram and Facebook were both very helpful when moving abroad. They help us get connected to other travelers and families in our same position. My mom was also incredibly helpful when moving abroad, she scheduled every class, camp and lesson to get us active in the community and meet new people!


13. Please provide any other information, or thoughts not included in the questions above…

 Moving abroad truly changed me as a person. Traveling is amazing, however, truly surrounding yourself in a new country without having strings attached back home is a whole new experience!

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