If you want to buy authentic Barcelonian souvenirs to take back home you’ve come to the right place! There are many places to buy souvenirs in Barcelona. You’ll find many shops selling inexpensive keepsakes like t-shirts, fridge magnets, and other souvenirs all over. It is best to keep one or two days in hand for shopping when planning a trip to Barcelona.

Unless you’re looking for a small token, it is wise to stay away from the cheap souvenir shops. Here are some inexpensive souvenirs that you can buy in Barcelona. Independent shops that specialize in a particular product category get something that lasts. 

You’ll find high-quality souvenirs at museums and the Gaud buildings, though they can be fairly expensive. So let’s give you some authentic souvenir ideas from Barcelona. We’ll help you choose what to buy, whether you’re a solo traveler or traveling with family. So let’s get started!

Top 22 Things to Buy From Barcelona

1. Spanish Jewelry 

Spanish Jewelry 

Contemporary jewelry has a long history in Barcelona that dates back to 1839. Silversmith and goldsmith neighborhoods can be found here. Bagues, a jewelry maker, still makes jewelry with influences from Mediterranean and Catalan culture out of Casa Ametller.  

Rings and necklaces are available from Tomas ColomerTous a renowned jeweler with modern designs and their signature teddy bear since 1920.

2. Modernist Ceramics

Modernist Ceramics

Barcelona’s renowned ceramics reflect Gaudi’s modernist influence, known for bright colors. In the Gothic district, tiny streets house workshops with Gaudi-inspired pieces. Shops like Molsa—Nou i Vell offer quality ceramics at fair prices.

If you’re seeking a unique piece of Barcelona’s artistic heritage to take home, mosaic lizards are a fantastic choice. These eye-catching items are Gaudí’s iconic full-sized mosaic creation known as “El Drac” or the dragon. Bringing one of these mosaic lizards back with you will be a reminder of the city’s rich artistic tradition 

These colorful and intricate pieces capture the essence of the city’s artistic spirit and make for memorable souvenirs that will transport you back to the enchanting streets of Barcelona every time you look at them.

3. Cava


Cava, a delightful sparkling wine produced in Catalunya’s Penedes region, is a fine alternative to champagne. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a gift, consider buying a bottle or two. You can also purchase cava directly from wineries on wine tours in Barcelona or find it in local supermarkets. Cheers! 

Most Catalan cava is produced near Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, close to Barcelona. It combines Maccabee for sweetness, Parellada for finesse, and Xarello for body. Vinacoteca on Calle Valencia 595 is a cava warehouse with options from local vineyards.

4. Cheese 


The Pyrenees mountains, a short drive north of Barcelona, are renowned for their soft, flavorful cheeses. Notable options include ‘Tupi,’ a bold fermented goat cheese, Alt Urgell, known for its creamy texture and fruity notes, and Val d’Aran, a mature cow’s milk cheese. Pair them with Penèdes wines.

You’ll find these cheeses at Barcelona’s La Boqueria market (Mon-Sat, 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.) and L’illa’s gourmet food hall. For expert guidance and a range of options, visit La Fuente Colmado Quilez on Rambla Catalunya 63 (open 10 am – 8 pm). Prices start at €3.

5. Catalan Sauces

Catalan Sauces

In Barcelona, Mediterranean cuisine thrives with a variety of sauces for fresh dishes. Romesco, a well-known gourmet delight, is crafted from roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, and garlic. Delis citywide offers this sauce and its variations, ideal for grilled green onions or classic Catalan Xatonada.

You can find pre-cooked Romesco and more at La Fuente Colmado Quilez on Rambla Catalunya. For expert guidance and a selection of these incredible sauces, explore La Boqueria market on La Rambla 91. 

6. Porcelain Figures 

Porcelain Figures 

Porcelain figure-making in Spain dates back to the 14th Century during Arabic occupation. Nadal and Lladro are prominent family businesses known for their porcelain figures. Nadal specializes in figures of children engaged in various activities. 

Lladro offers a wide range, from small animal figures to unique sculptures costing up. You can find these in Lladro Porcelain Pacheco and Boutique Lladro on Passeig de Gracia 101

Flamenco, a passionate Spanish dance, is known for its rhythmic footwork and intricate movements. A female Flamenco dancer known as a Bailaora, wears the traditional “Traje de Flamenca” with ruffles and accessories. The Flamenco Dancer Figurine is another souvenir that beautifully captures the essence of this art form. It’s a perfect gift, crafted with attention to detail.

7. Bakery and Biscuits 

Bakery and Biscuits 

Catalunya has a long tradition of making biscuits. Panellets are a common type, known for their various shapes and colors. Made from marzipan and pine nuts, they’re often coated with egg whites. 

Some variations include chestnuts and sweet potatoes, enjoyed as an early evening snack with sweet wine. Birba, a family company from Girona since 1910, makes artisanal biscuits with unique ingredients and names like Cubano and Nuria.

8. Barcelona Fridge Magnet

Barcelona Fridge Magnet

A Barcelona fridge magnet is a delightful and inexpensive souvenir. You can easily find these colorful mementos in various city shops, often featuring iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia or charming bridges. They’re not only affordable, typically costing just a few euros, but they’ll also serve as a lasting reminder of your trip.

9. Keychains 


You can grab a keychain for a simple and practical souvenir of your Barcelona journey! These serve as delightful accessories for your keys. These are found in shops and markets across the city. You can take a walk down tourist areas like La Sagrada Familia and inside Park Güell where you’ll find many of these street vendors.

10. Clothes 


If you’re a fashion enthusiast, Massimo Dutti is a must-know brand. It’s renowned for its high-quality and stylish clothing, footwear, accessories, and more.

Explore their wide range of classic coats, trendy tops, and bottoms at Massimo Dutti stores across Barcelona. Whether you’re looking for a few key pieces or a full shopping spree, it’s a top destination for fashion in the city. Don’t miss out on the latest stylish arrivals at Massimo Dutti before leaving this vibrant city!

11. Penedès Wine

Penedès Wine

Penedès, near Barcelona, has a winemaking history dating back to the 9th century. Miguel Torres Winery offers various wines, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot in their Atrium line. Their premium wine, The Reserva Real, is named after King Juan Carlos of Spain and made from high-altitude grapes aged in French oak barrels.

12. Chocolates


Barcelona is known for its artisanal handmade chocolates. The Gremi de Pastisseria de Barcelona promotes quality ingredients in pastry and chocolate making. You can find these Artisan chocolates at El Museu de la Xocolata. They feature chocolate sculptures of Barcelona’s landmarks. Escriba, another famous chocolatier, has three city shops that you must check out.

13. Shoes


Barcelona has a 200-year-old tradition of crafting leather shoes, particularly espadrilles. These lightweight shoes are made from natural materials like vegetable fiber, hemp, jute, and esparto for the sole. The insteps are finished with cotton or linen. Espadrille styles vary and often feature canvas for added protection, making them a fashionable choice in the city.

14. Local Olive Oil

Local Olive Oil

Spain is the world’s largest olive oil exporter, and you can find superb locally crafted olive oil in Barcelona. Visit a local market to discover bottles of extra virgin olive oil, both delicious and affordable. 

A top choice is Oli Sal on Travessera de Gràcia, offering various Spanish oils from Cataluña. It’s a tasty, healthy, and authentic gift supporting local producers. Don’t miss bringing home some of this Barcelona treasure!

15. Wine Porron

Wine Porron

The Wine Porron is a symbol of traditional Catalunya, serving as a unique drinking vessel designed to minimize wine’s contact with air. Historically, it was used as a measuring tool. 

The Porron features a funnel-like design with a spout for pouring. It also doubles as a social drinking device, as it can be passed around a table, allowing people to drink without their lips touching the glass.

16. Ratafia Liqueur

Ratafia Liqueur

Ratafia is a traditional Spanish liqueur crafted in Catalunya’s rustic countryside. It features a blend of green walnuts, nutmeg, and an array of aromatic plants and herbs, often locally sourced. This liqueur serves as a beloved after-dinner drink, known for its intense and flavorful profile. 

Apart from being a delightful digestif, it can also be employed in culinary creations, functioning as a marinade or sauce. What makes Ratafia even more special is the fact that many families have their unique recipes, often passed down through generations. It reflects the rich tradition and local character of this liqueur. 

17. Caricature From La Rambla 

Caricature From La Rambla

La Rambla is a unique place to visit when in Barcelona. Not only is it famous for its touristy charm but you’ll find some fantastic souvenirs here. For a fun and unique keepsake, why not have a caricature done by one of the street artists? 

These talented artists create exaggerated and humorous portraits that capture your essence in a Barcelona-inspired way. It’s more than a memory; it’s a piece of art to cherish!

18. Local Saffron Spice

Local Saffron Spice

For the culinary connoisseurs and cooking enthusiasts, saffron from Spain makes for a meaningful and thoughtful gift.  While Iran claims the title of the world’s largest saffron producer, Spain, particularly the La Mancha region has provinces like Albacete, Toledo, Cuenca, and Ciudad Real, taking the lead as one of the top secondary producers. 

Saffron cultivation thrives in these regions’ dry climates. It’s often produced by small family-owned farms where the saffron crocus flowers are harvested by hand. Spanish saffron is renowned for its intense flavor and aromatic qualities. It’s an integral ingredient in Spanish cuisine, notably enriching dishes like paella and arroz con pollo.

19. La Barretina

La Barretina

La Barretina, meaning “a cap,” is a bag-like woolen hat in red or purple, with a history dating back to 1789. It gained significance as a symbol of the Republic after the French Revolution and was later popularized by Salvador Dali during his global travels. Today, it’s commonly worn on Catalunya’s national holidays.

20. FC Barcelona Merchandise

FC Barcelona Merchandise

FC Barcelona is a top football team with a passionate Catalan following. Notable players like Johan Cruyff, Ronald Koeman, Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, Theirry Henry Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Cesc Fabregas, and coach Josep Guardiola have contributed to their success.

You can buy official Barcelona Football Club merchandise at various locations across the city, including the Nou Camp Stadium shop. They offer a range of items, from replica T-shirts to boots and scarves. You can even personalize football shirts, and there’s a ‘Showtime’ section for photos with Barça players. 

21. Perfumes


Barcelona has a rich fragrance history, with the Perfume Museum established in 1936. Local perfumeries, like Ramon Monegal at Carrer Calvet, 3, offer scents like Entre Naranjos and Luxana on Via Augusta and specialize in fresh floral fragrances, including Everland.

Custo, the famous designer, launched their Parfums range in 2008 with options like “Pure Custo Women” and “Eau de Toilette Woman” for ladies, along with “Custo Man” for men.

Various locations, including Passeig De Gracia 6, l’ílla shopping center in the Gothic district, and Ramon Monegal at Carrer Calvet 3, feature these fragrances.

22. Bota


No Spain visit is complete without a Bota! This classic leather drinking vessel is a must-have souvenir. Resembling a sack-like hip flask carried across your shoulder, it’s unique. Locals use the Bota to drink water. This distinctive drinking vessel is exclusive to Catalunya, making it a top choice in Barcelona.


Barcelona has a wonderful selection of gifts and mementos that perfectly capture the spirit of this energetic city. There is something for every traveler, from vintage finds like mosaic lizards to modern clothing. 

Souvenirs from Barcelona will always serve as a reminder of the wide range of experiences this city has to offer. Whether you choose to take a piece of Gaud’s artwork home with you or a taste of Spanish culture like saffron or Ratafia. 

Recommend that you explore the markets, upscale stores, and bustling streets to find the ideal souvenir to remember your unforgettable trip to Barcelona. We have just touched upon a few things on this list but there are so much more you can find if you have the eye for it!

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