Snorkeling enthusiasts always pick a country of beaches when they are planning a vacation. Greece is an ideal choice for the snorkeling enthusiasts. For the best snorkeling in Greece, this place has become a must-visit destination for them.

Say, Greece is your next destination or you are already here. There are some spots you should never miss if you have snorkeling in your mind. I can guarantee snorkeling in no other country will be so exciting like here.

You don’t need to Google it for hours to find the best snorkeling in Greece. I have already made a list of all those spots and I am here today to share that with you. So, check out the 8 best spots for snorkeling in Greece.

8 Best Places for Snorkeling in Greece

If you are planning to find some of the best places to experience snorkeling in Greece, you might be puzzled. This country is full of beautiful beaches and they are even full of exciting snorkeling spots. So, finding the best ones will take time.

Check out the spots I have described below. You will love these places without regretting them for a second.

1. Kefalonia


Kefalonia is the most historically significant Greek island and is renowned for its medieval castles and eye-catching landscapes. This place also has the most exciting opportunities for snorkeling enthusiasts.

So, if you happen to be in Kefalonia, you shouldn’t miss the following snorkeling sport at any cost:

  • Asos Beach: you will love its clear waters and marine life along with a larger water area for snorkeling.

  • Myrtos Beach: it’s Kafalonia’s biggest attraction and you’ll love to snorkel in crystal-clear waters and a rocky left side with an intriguing cave.

  • Lagadakia: It’s the hidden gem on the northwestern tip of the Erisos Peninsula. It offers an exciting snorkeling experience beside the small pebble area.

  • Petani: Situated in the Paliki region, Petani is celebrated by locals and tourists alike as Kefalonia’s best snorkeling beach with pebble shores, clear waters, and rocky surroundings.

Besides, you should visit Kimilia Beach, Zakynthos Island, and Argostoli for an Unforgettable snorkeling experience. You can find snorkeling tours, like Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club, Fiskardo Divers, and Blue Manta Diving in this area.

2. Crete


You shouldn’t miss snorkeling in Crete. It comes with a mesmerizing underwater world full of crystal-clear waters and thrilling marine life. The underwater landscapes and abundant sea life of this area will surely amaze you.

The historic south coast, especially along the Libyan Sea has a bucket full of dramatic underwater features such as coral reefs, caves, cliffs, and valleys, offering a unique snorkeling experience. However, you should cover the following areas in this place for snorkeling:

  • Agia Pelagia Bay: you can reach there on the North Coast, west of Heraklion. This place is known for its jaw-dropping underwater landscapes.

  • Elafonissi Beach: This is a shore with pink sand and excellent visibility for snorkeling like this place.

  • Kolokytha Beach: You should visit this area if you like clear waters and calm seas, which surely provide an ideal setting for snorkeling.

  • Chrissi Island: This place is popular for its clear waters, underwater beauty, and calm conditions.

Besides, you should try Matala Beach, and Dragon’s Beach if you happen to be in Crete. Additionally, you can try the boat cruise at Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa. Dia Island Sailboat Cruise is another attraction at this place.

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3. Lefkada


Lefkada is another historically significant Greek island in the Ionian Sea. There is no way, you won’t fall for its underwater wonders.

Besides, the beaches are full of clear pebbles and eye-catching landscapes. Here are some spots you should visit when you are in Lefkada.

  • Agiofili Beach: Situated on the south coast, this small yet beautiful beach has crystal-clear waters, rocky landscapes, and a thriving marine ecosystem.

  • Sea Caves of Lefkada: Located on the west coast, these mesmerizing sea caves have a unique snorkeling opportunity with breathtaking stalactites.

  • Vassiliki Bay: You will find this place on the south coast, Vassiliki Bay. It is a popular snorkeling spot known for its clear waters, sandy beaches, and abundant marine life.

  • Mikros Gialos Beach: Situated on the east coast, this beach has been a popular tourist attraction because of its clear waters, sandy shoreline, and rocky landscape.

In Lefkada, you should hire a half-day snorkeling safari guide for the smoothest experience. You can try Lefkada Adventures in Vassiliki Bay for an unforgettable introduction to snorkeling.

4. Rhodes


Rhodes is a popular tourist spot island situated in the Aegean Sea. This place also offers great opportunities for snorkeling lovers. The clear water with an intoxicating water environment is the best thing here.

However, if you want a different but unforgettable snorkeling experience, you should visit the following spots in Rhodes.

  • Anthony Quinn Bay: Known for its rocky coastline and crystal-clear waters this bay is a snorkeler’s paradise with a rich marine environment.

  • Kallithea Beach: You’ll love the rocky area with small creeks, and caves. Kallithea Beach is great for both novice and advanced snorkelers.

  • Oasis Beach: Situated on the southeast coast, this location is also popular for its surrounding cliffs and a charming Greek chapel full of underwater adventures.

  • Glystra Beach: Glystra Beach stands out for its shallow, glittering waters, and it’s a nice place for people who love snorkeling a lot.

All these beaches are full of several spots for snorkeling. Once you are there, you’ll get a way to experience this water activity. Besides visiting these islands, you should also try a Speedboat Trip to Symi and the Ancient Lindos Acropolis.

5. Mykonos

The next one is Mykonos. If you happen to be in Mykonos, you shouldn’t miss the chance to discover the enchanting underwater world in this area. Some spots in this area are famous among snorkeling enthusiasts. Here you will find them:

  • Frangias Beach: While a bit challenging to reach, Frangias Beach is like a haven for snorkelers who love sea urchins, little fish, anemones, and sea turtles.

  • Agios Stefanos Beach: Having a beach full of golden sands beside crystal-clear blue waters, this beach is a perfect sport for snorkeling.

  • Elia Beach: You will love the sea-blue water that glitters under the sun on this beach. Snorkeling here is a heavenly experience with no doubt.

You can contact Mykonos Diving Center and GoDive Mykonos Diving Scuba for a better and more secure experience. You can also explore Paradise Beach and Lia Beach to enrich your Mykonos experience.

6. Paros


Don’t miss the chance to experience it in Paros. With its beautiful aquatic landscapes, the snorkeling activity has become very famous here. The combination of glittering waters and golden sands has made it a very popular choice for snorkeling lovers.

Here are the famous spots you should visit in Paros:

  • New Golden Beach: You can snorkel among ancient Amphorae from Greek antiquity and this place is an ideal ancient underwater experience.

  • Psaralyki Beach: It’s a family-friendly option that usually offers shallow waters with an abundance of marine life, including groupers, barracudas, stingrays, and more.

  • Parikia Beach: This one is a hidden gem in Paros. You will love scuba diving alongside wonderful snorkeling at this place.

If you are in Paros for the first time, you should hire a guide. You can contact H2O Diving. Trying the Pyrgari cruise is a must-have thing you should try in this area.

7. Corfu


Snorkeling is also very popular in Corfu because of its crystal clear waters and amazing marine life. You will love the corals and pebbles under the sparkling water of this area. Besides, there are lots of snorkeling spots in this area that are ready to offer you the best-ever snorkeling experience.

Here are the best spots for this aquatic adventure in Corfu:

  • Nissaki Beach: It’s on the northeastern coast and this place is famous for its rocky formations and glittering waters that are like a prime snorkeling haven.

  • Paleokastritsa: Arguably the best spot in Corfu, Paleokastritsa has a lot of bays, beaches, and rock formations with a colorful marine landscape for exploration.

  • Kassiopi: Kanoni Beach near Kassiopi is a gem, known as one of Greece’s best snorkeling spots with numerous small coves.

Additionally, you should visit Yaliskari Beach, Agios Georgios, and Porto Timoni if you are in this area. You can consider contacting Corfu Sea Land Activities & Rentals and Achilleon Diving Center.

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8. Naxos


The next place is Naxos. This place is amazing for its underwater realm which is like a haven for both novice and experienced snorkeling enthusiasts. This place is full of historical adventures and besides snorkeling, you will love the area for its stunning scenery.

Here are the places you should visit for snorkeling in Naxos

  • Glaronisi: Just 5km from Naxos Town, Glaronisi is the best location for snorkeling and scuba diving where you can see sponges, fish, and seashells.

  • Alyko Beach: On the Southwest coast, you will reach this area where the snorkeling opportunity is more than what you can imagine.

  • Mikri Vigla: This place is particularly not famous for snorkeling but for the ancient style landscape, still the snorkeling opportunity here is eye-catching.

Besides, you should try Catamaran Day Cruise, and Scuba diving in this area. Alongside, the mentioned spots offer better snorkeling opportunities from leisurely beach experiences to professionally guided tours

Besides these places, you should also visit the Ionian Islands, Dodecanese, Northern Aegean, Cyclades, etc, for a captivating snorkeling experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though Athens is not quite known for snorkeling in Greece, you can visit some of the places there. You should visit Lemos Cape, Megalo Kavouri, Charakas Beach, and Cape Sounion for snorkeling in Athens.

Snorkeling is no doubt better in Mykonos than in Santorini. Santorini is not a popular place for snorkeling while Mykonos has numerous snorkeling spots with exciting underwater views.

Wrapping Up

From Kefalonia to the Ionian islands, there are thousands of amazing snorkeling spots all around this country. This country is so popular for snorkeling because of its ancient underwater environment and the availability of beaches. However, the best places you can visit in Greece for snorkeling include Kefalonia, Mykonos, Rhodes, Paros, Crete, Lefkada, Naxos, Corfu, etc.
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