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What you should pack and wear for a trip to Europe in 2024 (Teenager Edition)…

I am fifteen years old and two years ago we moved to Europe after living my entire life in California. We are lucky enough to travel all over, visiting several different countries every few months throughout Europe. As a result I am able to absorb and appreciate teen fashion and expression in a variety of countries and cultures. I love seeing the different trends, fads and style in teenagers and all the unique and different ways they express themselves and show their style.

I notice that there are some trends and styles that are classically European and that you tend to see across most European countries, but there are definitely styles and fads unique to each country. While living in Europe I have come to appreciate the difference in fashion across the world , but specifically how teenagers and women dress differently in Europe than they do in California.

Different styles in Different Countries…

For instance in France, and especially Paris I see a lot of personal, eclectic and bold fashion choices in teens. It is fun to see the distinct fashion choices teens choose in Paris ranging from mismatched prints to bold colors. It seems like every teenager has a creative and one of a kind fashion style. In Paris, no two teenagers look the same and it is inspiring to see their creativity and individuality. They also mix high end fashion brands with thrift pieces which is so cool. I will be writing a blog post on my favorite thrift stores in Paris next month, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Teens in Spain, by contrast seem to express less extreme and diverse fashion choices, but always look super chic. The teens in Spain wear clean and simple silhouettes and styles and have the most gorgeous long hair and simple make-up. The teen girls in Spain seem to follow a more minimal and monochromatic style which always looks so effortless and classic. They wear a lot of black and even when they are dressed casually they look amazing in wide legged jeans, simple tops and a cool blazers. Oh and of course the perfect sneaker which seems to always be a classic pair of Adidas in every color imaginable.

And in the Netherlands it is a totally different vibe all together, with teens wearing very relaxed styles and natural fabrics. In Amsterdam specifically, the teens look so cool in baggy jeans and pants but they often pair it with really cool shoes or a tailored jacket. There is also a creative and original style the teens in Amsterdam have that is like no where else I have seen. Their style is minimal and uncomplicated but looks amazing and accessible.

Spring time in Europe is my favorite…

Style Tips…

Before we get into a must have packing list for your trip to Europe, I have put together a few style pointers I notice and that might be helpful as you begin to pack …

Neutrals are a must and fabrics matter…

Wearing neutral colors are essential while traveling in Europe. Colors like beige, white, and black are the staples of every wardrobe here. While you can add a patterned accessory or cool shoe the basics underneath are neutral. This allows for a timeless look as well as a lot of easy mix and matching. Additionally, the material of the clothes matters and are almost always made of natural fabrics like cotton or linen. I see very little spandex, polyester or synthetic fabrics.

Simple but with a personal flare…

The European style never looks too contrived or complicated. The silhouette and basics are simple and streamlined. Keep your style classic, but show your own unique style with a accessory, colorful shoes or a one of a kind bag for a pop of color or personality.


Layers are not only practical with spring weather but also complete a look. You can wear a jean jacket or a sweater around your waist or neck and easily go from day time to night with no problem.

Nothing is too tight or revealing…

Coming from California where most fashion was really tight and short I have come to appreciate how in Europe most fashion is neither too tight or revealing. Not only is this more flattering but it is easier to wear and travel in. You can still wear a crop top or short dress, but if you do be sure to pair it with looser pants or top.

Hair and make-up are simple…

Make-up and hair in Europe is clean, effortless and simple. Teens might do a little more dramatic eye makeup or a brighter lip at night, but otherwise they wear little to no makeup during the day. Hair is clean and shiny or pulled back in a bun. Less is definitely more when it comes to hair and make-up throughout Europe.

Here are a few must have fashion picks for your springtime trip to Europe…

Regardless of where you go in Europe this spring I have put together a list of the top ten essentials that will work in every country. These must have items are not only perfect for achieving that European style but easy to pack and affordable. So let’s take a look at your perfect packing list for Europe…

1. Perfect Spring Dress

You could easily get away with wearing a dress every single day while traveling in Europe, regardless of what country you are in or what the weather is like. Dresses are an effortless way to dress while traveling, but still looking cute and stylish.

Here is a picture of my sister and I in very different style dresses, but both styles work great in Europe in the spring.

I love this dress because the ruching is so flattering and it comes in so many colors.

And this dress is adorable with the bow on the back. It is also really great for all body types and it is fully lined and a nice lightweight for warmer weather.

2. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is the perfect lightweight coat while traveling throughout Europe.

This option is great because it is slightly distressed which I love. I love rolling up the sleeves for a more casual look. I also love this one because of the finish on the bottom and you can choose other colors besides denim. White and pink are really cute and can go with everything.

3. A Lightweight Skirt

A cute skirt is a must when traveling to Europe in the Spring. It is like wearing a pair of shorts but much easier to wear and a better fashion choice for Europe. I love my white tennis skirt because it goes with everything. I can wear it with sandals or tennis shoes. This is also a great option as it doesn’t have pleats and comes in a few different colors.

4. Linen Pants

As a teen you might not be used to linen pants because we as teens mostly wear jeans in the U.S. but I highly recommend you try a pair. They are so flattering and easy to wear. I put them on over my bikini, and I dress them up with a cute blouse or I can even wear them with a hoodie. You can pair them with sneakers or your favorite sandals. I recommend getting them in black or tan. They look so great and are the perfect European pant in spring. This pair goes with everything and I wear them almost everyday!

I also love this pair because of the wide waist band which is super flattering. This is the one item I could not live without when packing for a European trip.

5. Crop Top

Crop tops are cute and fun and you can wear them with linens pants, jeans or skirts. You can put your jean jacket over it as well for the cooler evenings.

You can do a short sleeve one like this which comes in a lot of different colors.

This long sleeve crop top is also great because during those spring nights you might need something warmer. This one is also ribbed and the scoop neck is super flattering.

6. Cross Body Bag

A cross body bag is pretty much a must have while traveling in Europe in the spring! Not only does it look so cute but it is also practical because you are often carrying your ID, passport and money.

I love this one because it is streamlined and can fit your passport, ID and lipgloss. It also comes in a lot of different colors.

This one is a bit bigger and I love the wider strap. It can be worn around your waist as well which is super convenient and looks really cute with certain outfits.

7. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a must when packing for your trip to Europe. It is also a fun thing to buy while you are traveling throughout the different countries. You can find a lot of amazing jewelry shops with a whole spectrum of prices. You can buy something that has a story and helps you remember your trip.

It’s good to have a few basic and I am a huge fan of gold hoops in different sizes. I love these hoops because there are a few different styles.

I am also a fan of a really fine gold necklace like this one. You can wear them layered and they look great with everything.

Lastly gold rings are super fun and you can put several on one hand and layer them which is my favorite way to wear them.

8. Hair Ribbons

Hair ribbons are having a moment and for good reason. They are the ultimate feminine and cute accessory to add to any outfit. I love them because you can change up a neutral outfit by adding a colored ribbon for a pop of color. They are also great for pulling back your hair easily. I bought this pack of ribbons and it has lasted me forever. It also doubles for gift wrapping!

If you want to order pre-made bows these are a great choice.

And if you are just wanting a simple hair clip to pull your hair back this pack of neutral colored clips are great.

9. Socks

Having cute socks is really important to help make your shoes more comfortable while walking all over Europe. They are also a little fashion detail that I love. I like both these lace socks as well as these with a simpler design .

10. Shoes

When you are on vacation in Europe you will be walking A LOT, so you really need comfortable shoes. You will notice that almost everyone is wearing Adidas which come in a million different styles and colors. They are so comfortable and great for walking. I love these pink sneakers because I can wear them with jeans or dresses. They come in so many different colors as well.

I also have a plain white pair of sneakers that go with everything.

Hopefully you will find a few items you love out of this list and can pack for your spring trip to Europe with ease.

Europe in the spring is easily my favorite time to visit and as the weather begins to warm up it makes getting dressed so much fun.

I hope you have the best trip and can’t wait to hear about your adventures and see what you pack!

Here are a few of my favorite spring time activities In Europe…

Here are a few of my favorite springtime activities in Europe. It is such a great time to go because there are fewer crowds but the weather is lovely. Happy travels!

Keukenhof Flower Garden: We went at the end of March to the tulip festival in the Netherlands and it did not disappoint. Keukenhof is a sprawling garden that is easily the most beautiful I have ever seen in the world. It has acres of bright and beautiful flowers, a windmill, and fountains and ponds. I highly recommend a visit in the spring.

Paris Photo Shoot with Private Photographer: My friends and I did this and it was so much fun and we ended up with such great professional pictures of us by the Eiffel tower and other Parisian landmarks. The springtime is such a great time to do this because all the blossoms are out and it is so beautiful.

Sunset Tour by TukTuk in Croatia: If you are headed to Croatia I highly recommend a Tuk Tok tour. After being picked up with an electric Tuk Tuk you head towards the Biokovo Nature Park. There is a glass walkway suspended over the sea and it has the most amazing sunset views.

Highly recommend the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands in the Spring!

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