We have been digital nomads for over a decade and love sharing with others the wonderful opportunities that accompany working from any location on the globe. This way of working and living has allowed us to travel and make a living all over the world with our kids.

While it requires some planning and research, becoming a digital nomad is becoming increasingly common and easier to achieve for so many people. As a result of the increase in remote workers, there are exciting living opportunities popping up every day. It has been amazing to watch the evolution and expansion of this way of life and the freedom and opportunity that opens up to people as they venture into this lifestyle.

There are thousands of types of careers for digital nomads. These range from having a corporate job that allows employees to work remotely, to freelancers and entrepreneurs. There are jobs in the fields of technology, hospitality, and education – there really is an opportunity for everyone and their interests.

The Rise of Digital Nomads

The number of digital nomads globally has grown exponentially in recent years. The increase in remote workers is, in part, due to COVID-19, as well as businesses and corporations understanding the benefits of their employees feeling a sense of agency over their lives. This sense of autonomy and control over their own schedule not only makes employees happier, but actually more productive and efficient.

Historically being a digital nomad meant you had to thoroughly research and explore housing and accommodation options while traveling and working remotely. This is one aspect of being a digital nomad that was not only challenging but served as a deterrent for many people hoping to work on the go.

Co-Living for Digital Nomads

However, in just the last few years incredible co-living opportunities catering to digital nomads have popped up all over the world. These co-living environments for remote workers are locations that house professionals and provide all the amenities and conveniences a traveling professional could want. They offer dorm rooms, double or private rooms, fully stocked kitchens, laundry services, and gyms! These living arrangements also provide business essentials like private meeting rooms, wifi, printers, supplies, and more.

These co-living options and opportunities are one of the most exciting things we have seen develop in the travel and digital nomad space in the last decade.  Below is a closer examination of co-living accommodations for digital nomads.

Advantages of Co-Living for Digital Nomads

There are a lot of advantages to co-living for digital nomads. Here are just a few…


There are normally significant cost savings when you live in a co-living situation. You can choose a dorm, double or individual room depending on your preference and budget.


Many of the locations for co-living spaces are in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.  There are opportunities to live on the beach, in a skyscraper, or a picturesque village at a reasonable price point.


These housing options have fantastic amenities for living and working comfortably. They are usually stocked with everything you need to live and work comfortably and effortlessly.


The ease of being able to rent a space in a co-living space is a game changer for a digital nomad. Historically, if you wanted to rent a space or work on the go, you would have to secure wifi, private meeting rooms as well as all living essentials like bedding and kitchen necessities. Co-living spaces allow for a turn-key accommodation experience allowing you to focus on work and living your best life!


Co-living spaces for digital nomads allow for a built-in social scene with like-minded people from all over the world. Most of these places plan events and gatherings to encourage friendships and connection.

Professional Inspiration and Connection

One of the biggest advantages of co-living spaces is the professional opportunities created. You are working and living alongside dozens of other people in a wide variety of professions and careers. I have seen the most exciting professional partnerships and collaborations form as a result of these shared spaces and the exchange of knowledge and resources across industries.

Co-working – Onsite

Challenges of Co-Living for Digital Nomads

While the pros far outweigh the cons of co-living spaces, there are a few disadvantages to consider.

Personal Space and Privacy

While many digital nomads have individual rooms allowing for privacy and solitude, the common spaces and kitchen are shared. This means you are around people a lot and have to interact while cooking, eating, and engaging in work. For introverts or people who need alone time this can feel tricky and in many cases overwhelming.   And even if you’re an extrovert, sometimes you need to tune out noise and focus.  When we’ve lived and worked in places like these, we rely heavily on noise cancelling headphones when we need to write.  I also love the high end AirPods, but I tend to lose them and they are pretty expensive.

Conflict and Security

We have seen conflict between people living in these spaces which unfortunately is the nature of living and working in such close proximity to others. This is not the norm by any stretch, but it does happen and it can be hard to escape a challenging person in the house due to the shared spaces and overlap.  Security can also be an issue, even if you’re just constantly worried about your stuff.  We try to be good about using luggage locks which can at least serve as a deterrent, and also tend to bring everything valuable in a spacious workbag when we are out and about.  And of course keep passcodes on your devices.  These are good precautions that will both keep your things safe and help you relax.

Not Always for Families

While there are some available co-living spaces for families, the vast majority are suited for individuals and couples.


Some of Our Favorite Companies of Co-Living Spaces for Digital Nomads

Outsite – A fantastic company with incredible properties and locations to choose from.

Selina – This started out as a hostel and now attracts an exciting group of digital nomads from all over the world.

Outpost – A progressive company providing exciting co-living spaces in fantastic locations.


Final Words

After 30 years of travel and being a digital nomad, I see co-living spaces as one of the most exciting opportunities and developments in a long time. I love finding new locations and hearing about the exciting collaboration and experiences of digital nomads living in these spaces across every continent.

We are so passionate about traveling and leading meaningful lives, so the rapid growth of digital nomads and co-living spaces is one of the most exciting opportunities to make that happen. I strongly suggest checking out the websites above. They offer both life-changing experiences and the opportunity to develop lasting relationships.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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