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After spending an entire year as a digital nomad in Greece, I can attest that the country has unexpectedly low living costs, from rent to the cost of gyros. In particular when compared to the rest of Europe.

Cost of Living in Greece

Here I’ll discuss what a typical Greek family spends on necessities each month from my own experience. 

About Accommodation 

The neighborhood you’ll choose will impact the rental prices. 

You will meet a lot of interesting people, and be friends with them on the go. People are extremely friendly and helpful here. They can also suggest accommodations for you. 

For example, Larissa is the cheapest place in Greece for a family, where you must spend €2,713 and €717 monthly for one person. 

On the other hand, being the most expensive place in the country, Athens demands monthly €2,713 for the survival of a family and €801 for one person. 

List Of Places

Greece is a gorgeous nation with a long and eventful history, picture-perfect coastlines, and a sunny and warm atmosphere. 

Excellent ancient sites, like those in Athens and Santorini, may be found nationwide.  It’s easy to see why people, both locals and foreigners, are thinking about making the move.

Some of the most beautiful islands in the world are- 

  • Islands in the Ionian Sea

  • the North Aegean Sea

  • the Cyclades

  • the Dodecanese Sea

  • the Sporades Sea

  • the Saronic Sea

Let’s not overlook Crete. Cultures and customs of many cities and islands may be experienced.

Cheapest places

  • Thessaloniki: People who desire to experience the excitement of city life but aren’t willing to deal with the exorbitant prices of Athens can consider moving to Greece’s second-biggest metropolitan agglomeration, Thessaloniki. Just a single visitor will only be expected to spend around €630 during the whole month in this destination.

  • Crete: It is more than simply a popular destination for tourists. As a bonus, living costs there are among the lowest in all of Greece. 

  • Lafkada: Having a directly linked road to the mainland of Greece, Lafkada has a domino effect on the prices of the various items. Lefkada is one gorgeous island. Hotels in inland hill villages and towns are among the cheapest options. 

  • Patras: Prices in Patras are often cheaper than those in other major towns in Greece due to the robust rivalry between various enterprises.

  • Andros: This is another affordable island in Greece that usually gets fewer visitors compared to others. So, everything from accommodations to food and transportation is more reasonably priced here. 

Multiple Accommodations Options

Hotels are a good option in cities and larger towns on the mainland. However, in resorts and on islands, package-holiday firms sometimes book up the season in advance, making it difficult to get a room.

Keep in mind that:

  • October through April have the lowest rates 

  • May through September sees the middle

  • July, as well as August, sees the highest. 

However, Easter and the first two weekends of August may be much more expensive. 

Most hotels in large cities that cater to business travelers keep their prices consistent throughout the year. Weekend rates tend to be substantially higher in other destinations that get a lot of domestic visitors, such as Pelion, Náfplio, and the Argo-Saronic islands.

Hotels are categorized by the tourist police from “L” (Luxury) through “E,” with the exception of the most exclusive category, which is exempt from price constraints.

You’ll also find apartments and rooms may be just as pleasant and convenient as hotels. And they often provide superior value and friendliness for the money. 

Furthermore, a month-long stay in a picturesque beachfront home for next to nothing is a common vacation fantasy in Greece. Still, unfortunately, this is no longer a realistic possibility in today’s Greece. 

All of the most desirable villas are rented out via international companies. If you’re lucky enough to discover one available for a few days, booking it locally will likely cost you far more than if you’d arranged it in advance. 

Specialist operators there represent some outstanding sites, ranging from modest to sumptuous, and prices may be very inexpensive, particularly when split among a small group.

About Groceries 

Compared to other European nations, supermarket costs in Greece tend to be lower. This is mainly because fresh produce and bulk goods are much less expensive in Greece. 

However, many grocery and cleaning products are more costly in Greece than in other European nations, even when VAT is considered.

Average groceries prices in Greece

About Clothing 

Greece is a sunny and pleasant nation where residents often dress casually. Therefore, you will only need warm clothing if you plan on making this area your permanent residence. 

Basic Wardrobe Costs

Shopping in Greece 

In the last few years, Greece’s retail scene has exploded in popularity because of an influx of high-quality designer goods sold at bargain prices. 

Furthermore, some visitors to Greece bring nothing but empty luggage to fill with souvenirs from the country’s shops and marketplaces.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, go to Ermou Street. Greece’s best feature is the abundance of cheap premium labels nationwide. 

This stunning boulevard is home to well-known worldwide brands like Zara and Sephora and smaller, independently-owned boutiques with equally impressive wares. 

To do some late-night shopping, I recommend Attika and Fokas. This is, without a doubt, the best store in all of Athens, Greece, for purchasing name-brand goods.

About Education 

Greece has the highest percentage of its population studying outside of the nation. However, entry-level education is available in Greece. 

The levels of Greek education are called “primary,” “secondary,” and “tertiary,” respectively. 

Primary Education 

There are two types of schools at this level: kindergarten and elementary school. In Greece, early childhood education, primary school, and the first two years of secondary school are all required by law. 

A monthly fee of €350 would be required to enroll one kid in kindergarten or preschool. Spending a year at a prestigious international elementary school will set you back €7,543.

The list of best international schools in Greece is- 

  • St Lawrence College

  • Byron College

  • St Catherine’s British School

  • International School of Piraeus

  • Pierce

  • International School of Athens 

  • Campion School

  • DES School 

  • ACS Athens 

Public Universities 

For Greek and European students, public universities are free. International students should expect to pay between €1,500 and €2,000 per year for undergraduate education and between €1,500 and €2,000 annually for graduate studies. 

About Internet and Utilities

Greece is considered to be one of the nations with the highest level of connectivity in the world, as stated by the World Bank. 

It is ranked among the top twenty countries in the world regarding internet access. Internet connectivity is provided to around 87% of the total population.

Still, pockets of the nation remain where people need help to go online. This is particularly the case in less-visited parts of Greece, such as its rural areas. 

Internet Cost 

Let’s check out the costs of internet access in Greece right now. 

According to statistics provided by the European Commission, Internet access via broadband in Greece costs an average of €36.63 each month. 

This is more than the monthly average in the European Union (€33.77). Still, several EU member states with advanced economies are far over this mark. 

In Greece, a gigabyte of mobile data typically costs about €7.28. Compared to the European Union baseline of €8.14 per GB, there is a modest decrease.

How to Stay Connected 

You will find here several options providing free internet with a SIM card. 

Cosmote is a major Greek mobile operator that provides unlimited data on a selection of prepayment SIM cards. 

For €15, you can access 2 GB of data with unlimited voice and text messages on the company’s best-selling “Cosmote Surf” plan. 

You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with this package. 

A Cosmote card costs only €5, and you can load it up with €50 worth of data for use. 

Vodafone has an option that is comparable to that of Cosmote. Cosmote users may obtain 300 minutes of free calling time to Greek connections and 500MB of free data by purchasing a credit worth 10e.

Prepaid cell phone SIM cards from Q-Wind, one of Greece’s most popular mobile providers, are available with unlimited data. The “Wind Plus” package, which includes 5GB mobile data and unlimited calling and texting for €15, is their most widely used offering. Free use of popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is also included in this package.

Tourists may purchase plans from Tazamobile, although they appear to be more costly than those from Cosmote. 

A Taza card with a certain number costs 5e, and with a 10e credit, you get 3GB of data, 50 minutes of calls to Greek lines, 600 minutes of calls to other Taza users on a similar network, and 50 mins of overseas calls.

About HealthCare

Both public and private options are available for medical treatment in Greece. Medical treatment in Greece is very accessible for both locals and foreigners. In Greece, everyone can access free healthcare via a unified system called EFKA. Many different insurance companies are represented inside the EFKA.

Public Medical Care 

All citizens and permanent residents of Greece have access to free medical care under the ESY Greek Health Care System. 

In addition, being an expat, an EU citizen, or jobless does not preclude you from participating in this medical system.

Private Medical Care 

In Greece, private hospitals and clinics often have more up-to-date medical technology than their government-run counterparts. 

Foreign nationals in Greece may also seek medical attention in private clinics and hospitals, where the personnel are more likely to speak English fluently. 

A visit to a private clinic would set you back between €60 and €150. 

Medical Insurance 

Having insurance is crucial since it provides financial security in case of unforeseen medical expenses and allows you to utilize the medication service. 

The annual cost of health insurance is approximately €300 per person. 

Having at least €30,000 in medical coverage is a mandatory prerequisite for selecting an insurance plan.  

About Entertainment 

The historical and cultural legacy of Greece is immense. 

In this stunning nation, you may visit any one of the dozens of museums, art galleries, or movie theatres. Pick the one that appeals to you the most and stop by whenever possible.

On average, a day of amusement in Greece would set you back €20. The cost of entry to museums, movies, and other tourist attractions is included. 

Entertainment Cost

About Transportation

Transportation is essential, and it also affords you the chance to observe the land from every angle. 

To go about on your own time, you may either use the public bus system or hire a vehicle in Greece. A ferry ride is required for island exploration. 

Let’s have a look at the cost of transportation in Greece:

  • Local transport one-way ticket- €1.2

  • Monthly pass- €30

  • Per person ferry ride (short)- €5-20

  • Per person ferry ride (long)- €15-40

  • Taxi starting- €3.5

  • Taxi on 1km- €1

  • Taxi on 1-hour waiting- €12

  • Gasoline per liter- €2.07

  • New car (Toyota Corolla or Volkswagen)- €21,000

A Sample Monthly Budget For You

If you’re considering becoming an expat, Greece is a fantastic choice. 

There is a 30% cost of living discount compared to both the rest of Europe and the United States. 

The cost varies from location to location. The cost of living, such as rent, gas, and groceries, is higher on the islands.

You may get by on €830 to €2,680 per month in Greece due to its low cost of living. 

Spend between €1,126 and €2,199 monthly on all of your needs, and that’s being generous. 

The average Greek household of four can expect to spend €3,370 per month. Whereas a single individual in Greece may expect to spend between €1,007 and €2,106 each month.

Is traveling a hobby? Uncover the truth as you discover the world, one trip at a time, and realize how it can enrich your life beyond imagination!

A Few Tips For The International Students 

However, like the rest of Europe, traveling in Greece may be costly, making it difficult for individuals with little resources. 

As you can see, your financial situation will fluctuate. Factors like housing and food costs affect our budgets, whether or not they are controlled. 

But if you study up on the local customs and make a few wise choices, you may save costs significantly.

Some helpful advice that might steer you toward the perfect Greek accommodation-

  • If given the opportunity, you can find a place to live away from campus. However, if there are no available rooms, consider looking at housing options in the immediate area of the university. This keeps you in touch with campus life and reduces commute costs. 

  • Finding a roommate (or flatmates) is essential if you want to rent a house in Greece. Sharing expenses and chores is a major benefit of living in a shared dwelling.

  • Choose a location providing convenient access to several modes of transportation.

  • Arrive here at least one month in advance.

  • While students in Greece have plenty of lodging alternatives, the beginning of the academic session is peak season so things can get hectic. 

  • You inquire about available housing by contacting the university’s information desk when you submit your application. In case on-campus housing is unavailable, several colleges have similar services available.

A Few Disadvantages of Living in Greece

Disadvantages of Living in Greece

There is always a Pros and Cons list for living in any city. While there are numerous upsides to calling Greece home, it’s also important to be aware of the potential drawbacks.

Low economic stability with substantial unemployment

Greece’s economy has been struck severely in the recent past, resulting in significant unemployment and shaky financial conditions. This might make it tough to get hired and establish a stable income.

Extremely high prices in several regions

It’s true that there are both cheap and pricey neighborhoods in Greece. This may make maintaining a respectable level of life in certain sections of the nation challenging.

Slow administrative procedures due to a lot of paperwork

Bureaucracy and lengthy administrative procedures are common complaints about doing business in Greece.

Terribly high taxes and a bewilderingly complex tax structure

Financial planning and savings in Greece may be challenging due to the country’s complex tax structure and high tax rates.

Let’s Compare Two Parts Of Greece 

I have spent considerable time in several Greek cities and calculated the following as an estimate of the general cost of living there. At just around €1,496 per year, Thessaloniki has the world’s lowest cost of living. 

If you decide to call one of Greece’s islands like Crete home, you may expect to pay an extra €1,872 each year in living expenses. The median annual cost of living in Athens is estimated at €1,674.

Compared to other European countries and places like Amsterdam and Paris, Greece has a surprisingly inexpensive standard of living.

This comparison chart will make it clear to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to invest in Greek real estate?

Following the country’s economic crisis, Greek real estate is more affordable than ever. If you want to make Greece your permanent home, now is an excellent time to buy property since prices are relatively low.

What is the lowest legal salary that may be earned in Greece?

The monthly minimum salary in Greece is presently set at €758. However, earnings may vary widely based on the employment sector and the workplace’s geographic location.

The summer villa rental in Greece, how much is it?

The weekly rent for a villa in Greece during the summer may be anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 euros, based on its location and the property’s facilities.

Where in Greece may one find the most reasonably priced real estate options?

The quaint villages and towns found across Greece’s countryside are often where one may find the most reasonably priced real estate. For instance, one region of the Peloponnese has real estate available for as low as 30,000 Euros per square meter in a few cases.

So, Greece? 

Hopefully, you found my guide on the cost of living in Greece helpful. 

Sometimes people inflate rental prices, thinking that foreigners don’t understand the rental rates. So do your research.

Start your journey to a serene retirement in Greece – learn how you can make your dream of tranquil living a reality!

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