Spain is a magnificent country in Western Europe that boasts an abundance of breathtaking beaches, breathtaking seaside towns, and picturesque seaside towns due to its extensive 3000-mile-long coastline and 60 islands. At the same time, the country also offers more blue flag beaches than any other country, indicating high standards of environmental protection, safety, and quality.

Apart from that, the cuisine, museums, and festivals of each town, city, island, and province also serve as their selling points. Many of the beach towns of Spain are among Europe’s most beloved coastal gateways. 

Spanish people and foreigners who want to settle in Spain often opt for a seaside lifestyle due to the stunning coastal regions of the country, as they have popular destinations due to the attractive combination of a slower pace of life and ocean vistas. While the depth and richness of their culture can allure many, the serenity of a coastal life works as a beckoning for many to settle and live in these areas.

Alongside stunning coastlines, these coastal or seaside locations also offer an abundance of opportunities for water sports, swimming, sailing, and boating. At the same time, these areas also come with quaint life and vibrant nightlife. 

13 Best Places to Live in Spain by the Sea

Thanks to such amazing advantages, many find it difficult to resist the allure of life by the sea in Spain.

In this article, we have amassed a list of 13 amazing seaside locations that you can choose to settle and have a life in. But first, let’s have a look at why you should choose a coastal town to live in.

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Why Choose a Coastal Town For Settling In?

There are many reasons to settle in a Spanish beach town, which offers many favorable lifestyle choices for the residents. Apart from the high quality of life offered by the seaside areas, this Mediterranean country provides high living standards and safety.

Social gatherings in these towns or islands are typically held outside and revolve around delicious foods and drinks. Moreover, Spain is a modern country with superb infrastructure, a modern healthcare system, and efficient transportation.

All of these make Spain and its seaside areas an amazing option to settle and have a life in. 

Here are the 13 amazing seaside locations that we have listed for you-

1. Palma De Mallorca

Palma, the capital of the popular Spanish island of Mallorca, is a popular tourist destination in and of itself. Palma may be best known as a fantastic vacation spot, but it also has a great, family-friendly vibe that would make it an ideal permanent home.

Apart from the stunning beaches, the area is characterized by spectacular gothic architecture, like the enormous Santa Maria cathedral. Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, Palma boasts a rich history that stretches all the way back to the 13th century. Many Spanish and foreign families have found this pace to be highly family-friendly for many years. 

Apart from the cathedrals and churches, people here can’t get enough of the island’s delectable cuisine. Mallorca is home to several stunning beaches, and many of the greatest ones are located on peaceful bays that offer breathtaking views from any angle. There are beautiful beach resorts and harbors loaded with yachts where you may go for a promenade. This Spanish city can be a great choice for permanent residence because of all the exciting things to do there.

2. Barcelona


It’s hard not to picture yourself taking a leisurely stroll through the colorful streets of Barcelona. Barcelona, a coastal beauty in Spain, is well worth a visit if you’re still on the fence. It’s a fantastic city in its own right, but it’s also one of the greatest seaside cities in Spain to call home.

If you want to explore the quarters of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter is a great place to start. 

Barcelona offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, and its beaches range from large and bustling to smaller and more secluded, perfect for individuals who like peace. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder this city is bustling with activity. Barcelona is a fantastic choice for both Spanish and foreign people who are seeking a combination of city life and beach life in one location. 

3. San Sebastian

San Sebastian

San Sebastian might be less known, but it is no less wonderful as a city. The city is situated on the northern coast of Spain, in the Basque area, not far from the French border. It’s a fantastic seaside city for many reasons, and one of those reasons includes the illustrious food scene of the city.

The best time to visit San Sebastian depends on the season, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a trip there. It has reasonably warm summers but can get pretty chilly in the winter, which makes it a top summer destination.

Expatriates and locals alike flock to this coastal town every year to get settled for its beautiful beaches and a vibrant social life that includes exciting festivities. 

4. Alicante


Alicante is fantastic, not only as a vacation spot but also as a permanent residence. Situated in southeastern Spain, this city is a port in the Valencian Community. There are many popular tourist attractions in this city, like the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, which is a stunning fortress from which you can take in breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Discover the thriving port of Alicante; excellent dining establishments and nightlife spots surround the picturesque marina. Alicante is a popular choice among both natives and foreigners for settling in due to its low cost of living, despite the city’s proximity to the coast.

The multicultural atmosphere and family-friendly districts make Alicante an attractive place to live. In addition to beautiful beaches and a wealth of historical sites, the city enjoys mild weather all year round. Visiting Alicante and not mentioning that you live there is almost impossible!

5. Valencia


If you’re looking for a seaside city in Spain, Valencia can be an amazing choice for that. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to living in Valencia, but the advantages exceed the disadvantages. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and pleasant year-round climate make it an attractive place to settle for beach bums. Valencia is a paradise for sea lovers thanks to its sparse population and extensive coastline. 

Valencia is a city that embraces modernity while maintaining an emphasis on a green living standard.  Besides the beach, there are so many parks and other outdoor spaces in this coastal city, making it an excellent option for families with little children.

Valencia is filled with historic areas that showcase a fascinating blend of modernity and the city’s rich history. If you’re looking for a place to call home for an extended period, Valencia is a great pick.

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6. Malaga


Some may associate the name of the city with beach vacations or a place they would never want to call home when they hear Malaga. On the contrary, Malaga is home to an increasing number of residents who make this area of Spain their base, both locals and foreigners.

The street festivals, architecture, and cuisine of Malaga all attest to the city’s stunning cultural diversity. Its streets are lined with sites inspired by Arabic architecture, and it is also renowned for having some of the finest Spanish architecture.

Being the most populated city on the Costa del Sol, Malaga has played a crucial role in its development. Malaga has 300 days of sunshine every year, so beachgoers from all over the world flock there for more than just vacation weekends. If you’re seeking a place to settle down in Malaga, you might want to think about the Old Town. 

7. Torrevieja


Torrevieja is an important beach city in Spain that you should not miss, even if you are not as familiar with it. Many Spaniards flock to Torrevieja, a town in the southeasterly province of Alicante, to enjoy the weather and vistas of the Mediterranean coast.

One of the sunniest places in Spain, with promenades along sandy, resort-lined beaches that boast plenty of sunshine. Among the recreational activities, you can easily rent a boat in Torrevieja and spend the day sailing around the bay. The pink salt lakes of Torrevieja are another distinctive feature of the region.

For decades, these salt lakes have had a major impact on Spanish life, especially in the north of the country and other European nations that use this salt to melt ice on their roadways in the winter.

Aside from its role as a salt producer, Torrevieja is also a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful place to call home in Spain. Torrevieja isn’t only a business hub; it also caters to locals who want to live by the water, thanks to its many excellent seafood restaurants and well-known urban beaches.

8. Tenerife


Tenerife is a Spanish island that is geographically closer to Africa than the mainland and is a favorite place for many to live in. Tenerife, the largest island in the Canary Islands, is home to beautiful beaches and a variety of landscapes.

Every person should try visiting this amazing island in Spain at least once, and that includes Tenerife. It may be more difficult to reach than other parts of Spain due to its location, but a trip to Tenerife is always worthwhile.

Tenerife is more than just a vacation spot for certain people; the Costa Adeje beaches are among the nicest in Spain, and many love to call the place home. Costa Adeje, in southern Tenerife, is a favorite spot for residents and visitors alike.

While the other regions of Tenerife are quieter and more relaxing, Costa Adeje has the greatest excitement. If you don’t decide to make Tenerife your home, don’t miss out on the vivid carnivals that take place in February and March. 

9. Cadiz


If you’re looking for a destination to settle down that radiates antiquity, Cadiz is an excellent choice. This charming seaside town has a rich history that will astound visitors with its quaintness and beauty. Water surrounds it for nearly the entire length of its coastline.

Cadiz exudes a festive atmosphere that entices visitors to make it their permanent home. With the Cadiz celebration spanning up to eleven days, this Spanish beach resort presents one of the world’s largest carnivals! Summers in this city may attract a large number of young Spanish people, so be ready for a chaotic party atmosphere.

A large number of Spaniards and expats find solace in Cadiz’s sun-kissed streets. Cadiz, like the rest of Spain, has a plethora of wine festivals that the residents can enjoy.

Nearby Jerez de la Frontera hosts an annual wine festival that is widely considered to be among the top in all of Spain. Whether you decide to make Cadiz your permanent home or not, a private, tailor-made walking tour is an experience you won’t soon forget.

10. Denia


Despite being relatively unknown to people, the Spanish city of Denia continues to attract many new residents and foreigners. Situated on Spain’s eastern coast, this port city offers stunning views of the Mediterranean. Iberian, Roman, Greek, and Islamic cultures have left their mark on Denia’s lengthy history, which centers on castles.

Denia is perfect for active people because of all the parks and natural areas. Denia is recognized for being budget-friendly, which is a huge plus for both locals and expatriates looking to live comfortably.

Denia, Spain, is known for its delicious seafood and rice dishes, which add to the culinary joys of the city. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll adore Denia’s restaurants and want to make them your permanent home.

During the afternoon, you can just take in the sunset views from Denia while going on a peaceful and amazing boat ride.

11. Marbella


Marbella is a city located in Spain’s prominent Costa del Sol and is part of the Andalusian region. With its upscale resorts and exciting nightlife, this place offers a life of pure luxury. Residents of Spain may savor the Golden Mile, which is lined with exclusive nightclubs and coastal villas against a backdrop of mountains. 

With its posh boutiques and bars and its port full of superyachts, Marbella is undeniably one of the most expensive cities in the world to call home. In this city, you can also enjoy different water-based activities, such as canyoning in the sea. 

In addition to its fancy nightlife and restaurants, Marbella is famous for its historic old quarter and breathtaking natural scenery. Located on a picturesque bay, Marbella is a popular choice for expats and Spaniards alike because of its attractive architecture and high standard of living. 

With 24 beaches, Marbella is a popular tourist destination that leaves many dreaming of relocating to this Mediterranean city. 

12. Estepona


The Andalusian allure of Estepona is difficult to describe, as it offers an experience that must be thoroughly lived. Here, in this southern Spanish tourist town on the Costa del Sol, you can relax on palm tree-lined promenades and enjoy life to the fullest.

The peaceful beaches and less hectic atmosphere of Estepona draw native Spaniards and expats in search of excellent opportunities for fishing, boating, and sports. Imagine whitewashed historic town centers with flower-filled squares. Estepona is enchanting beyond description.

In addition to enjoying sunlight all year round, Estepona is also known as one of the most family-friendly places in Spain, which is why it is a popular choice for many Spaniards and foreigners alike to settle down and have a life in. 

13. Ibiza


Although the Mediterranean island of Ibiza is mostly known as a summer party spot for young people, it is also a fantastic option for anyone seeking a seaside home in Spain. 

You can find some of the most beautiful towns of Spain in Ibiza, alongside highly tranquil and serene villages. Many people who adore the sea end up making Ibiza their permanent home after spending so much time there enjoying the azure waves. 

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Ibiza is a popular choice among both native Spaniards and foreigners looking for a proper destination to visit. Ibiza may be best known as a party island, but it also has plenty of peaceful beach spots and places that families can enjoy together.

Ibiza has a plethora of opportunities to unwind and soak up some rays, whether that’s via hiring a boat to take in the scenery or simply lounging on the beach. The stunning natural beauty of this Spanish island makes it easy to see why so many people make it their permanent home.

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Final Words

Living in a coastal city in Spain has an irresistible charm that words can not describe. The coastal areas of Spain offer some of the greatest locations to settle down with your family and kids. You can go through this list, do your research, and find out which coastal town of Spain is ideal for you to settle down in, and then you can move there with your family to fulfill your coastal fantasy. 

From Palma de Mallorca to Estepona, Valencia, or Ibiza, Spain boasts the perfect beach town you are looking for. Finding your ideal beachfront home in Spain will be well worth the effort if you can live your life while gazing out at the water, and have a life of peace and quiet with your loved ones. 

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