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We started our family travel blog in hopes of supporting other families, couples or solo travelers explore the world and move abroad. Through straightforward, sincere and supportive information we hope to provide a reliable guide for a community of travelers and those moving overseas.

Almost thirty years ago, we traveled around the world with just our backpacks, sleeping bags and a tent full of holes. We had incredible adventures, both as a couple and on solo excursions. We saw far corners of the planet, and met amazing friends in over a dozen countries. Our journey ignited our enthusiasm for connecting with new cultures and inspired us to keep seeking out international adventure. 

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For the last three decades, while largely settled in California, we kept traveling the world while navigating our busy life and careers.  Adding three kiddos to the mix, we have continued to travel far and wide, and now get to see the world through their eyes.  In 2022, after wanting to experience a permanent nomadic lifestyle, we liquidated our life in California and are using Spain as a base while we travel the world with our kids and our big dog Mo. We don’t believe travel has to be categorized into budget or luxury, adventurous or cultural and that a variety of experiences can be had through different stages, locations, and settings. Our favorite experiences usually involve wild camping following a long trek, but we also appreciate the comforts of luxury travel…and everything in between! 

We seek out adventure through skiing, hiking and surfing, but also embrace the arts, culture, architecture and history of the locations we are lucky enough to visit. And we always make a point of keeping our travel as sustainable as possible and supporting local companies where we can. Travel for us is much more than seeing a pretty place. We believe connecting and engaging with communities, cultures and people around the globe is fundamental to improving the world by illuminating that we are all much more similar than we are different.


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We hope you find it helpful and we are so glad you are here! Please send us your stories!